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Am I the only one?
Has everyone escaped
the abyss that has no end.
The way out passes through failure.
The escape leads through backward
each forward step paints the last
in cascading shades of tenebrous..

Perhaps everyone is privy
to the collective shame;
we tiptoe around
a secret that has no name.

Reduced to children
huddling under the bed.
Thunder, quake, tornado:
Mother-Father gods scream.
The voices rip the firmament.
Trees and shattered citadels
float past the bleeding window.

Meaningless sweet noise,
the chatter of our minds,
a tune that hides our sobs
we taste and swallow their liquor.

Silence alone can speak of this...
evanescent horror.
Even now I forget--
sweet amnesia!
--the fading tinge of melancholy.

But do not as yet crawl out.
Hold silent the tongue
soften the gentle touch
maintain the waiting gaze.
At last, two refugees meet.
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