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A 5-year old answers a knock at the door to discover his dream pet. Writer's Cramp entry.
Paulie flashed five fingers in answer to the woman at the door.
         "My word," the smiling lady chucked his cheek, " that's much bigger than four."
         "I think you're old enough to see what's in my box. Do you agree?"
         Wide-eyed, he could only nod as he watched her drop onto one knee.
         "Go ahead, you can touch them. Feel the soft, warm fur. They should not bite."
         Scarcely breathing, the boy grinned as he stroked wriggling kitten delight.
         "Do you have a pet somewhere in your house? Is it with your mother?"
         "No," Paulie sighed, shaking his head. "I have a wee little brother."
         "Well you're in luck then 'cause one of these sweeties needs a special boy.
         A boy who will treasure his new furry friend more than some old toy."
         Paulie tickled all the bellies 'til one grey tabby stood and stretched.
         It nuzzled a gentle hand, and meowed. "I'm the one you have fetched."
         "Wow, I believe this feline fellow wants to be your perfect pet.
         Why don't you reach in, shake his paw, pick him up, cuddle, and accept."
         Without further prompting, Paulie scooped up the talkative small cat.
         He giggled, the purr like a motor sound. He did not expect that.
         "Enjoy your pussy pal. I must be off to find homes for the rest.
         Goodbye young man, I wish you and that keeper kitten all the best."
         "Wait," the cat consumer fumbled in his pocket, pulled out a dime.
         "Will this be enough? Here, take this . Mom said save it for the right time."
         "You sir are a fine gentleman. Why bless you, child, and thank you."
         The cat lady rushed off. No need to see mom's big hullabaloo. ( 24 lines) .

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