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We have to get out of here according to the flash fiction challenge.
         "Hey! Anyone know why we're standin' in yet another line?"
         "What, you're questionin' the status quo?"
         "Well, if I'm gonna wait out here in the blazin' sun while perfectly good shade is just over there, ya, I need to know. What's up ahead?"
         "Quit your grumblin' back there. Try lookin' at the scenery, or somethin'."
         "As usual, I see a big, dark butt in front of me. Oh look, I'm standin' in hot sand. Of course, this queue couldn't form in the green grass. Is it askin' too much for some reliant information? What gives?"
         "I'm gonna give ya some advice pal. We always line up single file. It's what we do, day in, day out, we join lines. We don't push, or shove. We wait. We trust there's a reason, we just do. It's our long-standin' protocol. Ya gotta go along, to get along. Got it?"
         "But why? Why this line? Why here? Why a line at all? Couldn't we try a huddle? I bet we could really start the ball rollin' with a proper group conversation. Oh, the give and take..."
         "Huh? What ball? We don't roll balls. Where'd ya find this nonsense? Why don't you try this, a little less tongue-waggin' and some more, oh I dunno, some more keepin' your thoughts to yourself.Pace yourself. This may be one very long line."
         "But that's my point. We're always waitin' around in some line, or other. Don't you want to try somethin' new? I've got this feelin'. I'm...I'm..."
         "Oh no, are ya antsy? Are ya gonna bug out?"
         "We have to get out of here."
         "What? Are you nuts?"
         "I'm thinkin' of startin' my own line over there in the grass. Comin'?"
         "That hovering bird looks hungry. I'm defiant, not a dead ant." ( 300 words )
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