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All the characters i made in interactives.
So i figured since I almost posted 100 interactive chapters, I list some of the characters i made up.

These characters actually have name's and some background to them, Rather then just being the reader.

Sai Hudo
Story: Giant World of Anime
- This character came about when I looked through darklord665's interactive and noticed there wasn't a My Hero Academia Option. Now if you add a choice, you have to add to it or it gets deleted after about 24 hours. This character had been in my head for some time, so in 5 hours i posted the chapter.

The name Sai comes from Chīsai meaning small, and Hudo was a smaller version of hyoudou. The name hyoudou comes from Issei of Highschool DXD, I had a scenario that Issei was shrunk but was caught by the males (such as azazel) rather then his harem.

In the interactive Sai's quirk let him shrink to an inch tall, however he is stuck at this size for an unknown amount of time. He's friends with Izuku, who is always gentle and embarrassed when he gets into "size different situations" with Sai. Bakugou on the other hand, is more dominating with Sai when he shrinks. One chapter had Sai lamenting on his past of Bakugou using him as a sort of stress toy.

I tried to add character to Sai as well. For instance, he like many others idolize All Might. But, due to teasing from Bakugou and his own insecurities, he has a small fear of All Might. Long story short, Sai is afraid of All Might not even seeing him as a human but rather a bug to stomp.

Chiba Nidai
Story: Micro Storylines
- This one is from my own interactive. Chiba's name comes from Chīsai as well, while Nidai comes from the Danganronpa character Nekomaru Nida. The last name is a sense of irony as I write Chiba as a uke character. He's small and emotional, but is really nice to his friends.

In the story, he was friends with the Generation of Miracles in junior high. However, he drifted away from his friends as they grew more skillful at basketball. In high school he just wants to be with his friends again. He is able to, however he meets them again at the height of 1 inch.

Depending on which character, Chiba has some sort of past with each of them.

Tai Yamazaki
Story: Micro Storylines
- Tai is a Tiny, a species similar to humans but much smaller. He attend Iwatobi high school, while his human brother goes to Samezuka academy. You can probably guess who his brother is.

Tai used to be friends with all the Iwatobi swim team members. But since they disbanded, he's only been in touch with Makoto and Haru. Makoto now lives up to being a literal gentle giant, as he frequently carries Tai to school. Haru shows his usual stoic face, but seems to enjoy Tai joining him in the water.

Tai is shown to like being small, as he frequently imagines his friends doing giant related things.

Sura Sawada
Story: Giant World of Anime
- Sura is a character i created for a Assassination Classroom choice. I wanted to add this choice, after seeing artwork done by Trumfire. The name Sawada comes from Tsuna Sawada, from Reborn! The name was because I thought of the "no good Tsuna" name relating to Sura's character.

Sura is someone who was content with being invisible to his class. This changed, when he was transferred to class 1-E, and his new classmates and teacher wanted to actually get to know him.

One day he comes across a vile of strange liquid that changes his height and gives his life more challenges.

And those are pretty much the OC's with the most personality and character motivation. I have others, but they are either simple or i haven't added enough yet.

The others are.

Jim - A inch tall teen who's pretty much a male harem lead, ready to get a boyfriend.

Keith - A mutant from A Macro Marvel Story.

Jake - An orphan that wants a family.

Colt - An orphaned human, that's adopted by the king of the dragon kingdom.

And that's about all of them! I probably will tweak things if the characters go through any changes, but for now these are all my OC's.
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