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Gambling with one's soul?
 Why Gamble?  (E)
Gambling with one's soul?
#2164086 by Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe

I recently talked with a man. We will call him George. I asked George this. If you were to die right at this moment where would your soul go? He told me that he would go to hell. I told him that Hell was not created for human beings but rather as a way of separating demons from God. I asked him if he would like to avoid Hell and he told me that of course he would like to avoid Hell. Hell is the second death in which God separates the demons and any person who rejects Him from Himself. So often people think of Hell as a party place where they are going to do shots with their friends. The truth is that Hell is a place that burns with brimstone. Once there nobody returns and everybody there suffers unimaginable torment. I asked George to take out his lighter and light his clothes on fire. Of course he said that was ludicrous. I told him that if he went to Hell that was exactly what was going to happen. Like the demons he would be set ablaze and would continue to burn forever because one never dies in Hell. One burns alone forever and worms crawl over and through one's burning flesh. I told George that Jesus Christ was the only way one would ever avoid Hell. John 3: 3 and 3: 5 tell us that we must be born again. One is born again when one believes with one's heart that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. One must repent of one's evil ways and invite Jesus into one's heart. I asked George if he could do that. He said he could not. My question is why would one want to gamble with their soul when it is so easy to be saved?
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