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by jaya
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Rain and July move hand in hand.
Scent of the rain/ word count: 151

The midnight rain, slow and steady,
its scent heady and delicious, caused
sudden cool in the muggy, sultry night,
turning it into a haven of restful sleep.

Trees, roads and houses, spick and span
cleansed in the falling rain, freed of smoke
dust and heat of the past year, stood
flawless under the cover of clouds.

Scent of the rain lingered on and on,
making July a month of joyous abandon.
For the new sown grain, sprouted, springing
from roots buried in mother earth’s depths,

tossing their striking heads like sprightly kids
fun-loving and frolicking on the country roads.
The dark skies of rain-bearing clouds stayed on
reminding me of flowing rivers and running

streams glistening under an occasional, mild and
shy sun peeping at a patch of pleasant panorama.
The hillside green and the wild flower-spread
pleased the peasant and pheasant alike

both on their way to earning daily bread.
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