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Just some basics
1. Choose your item by either browsing the site or clicking on a link, either URL or sent to you by another member. For example:
a) https://www.writing.com/main/books/item_id/2160068-The-Oddventures-of-Childhood-...

 The Oddventures of Childhood V5.1  (ASR)
The latest version of my book. Bits and pieces will be put up as they are ready.
#2160068 by Just an Ordinary Boo!

2. Read through the item. At your pace, at your choice of depth.

3. Look below the item for the box labelled 'Review! Share your opinion"

4. Give your feedback there.

5. It helps to make the feedback specific, labelling the parts systematically. For example: Title, Theme or Genre, Coherence of the story, How it struck you - did it grip attention or did it pall? It helps to detail why you felt as you did, if there were specific bits that made you feel good or bad.

6. Any errors you noticed. Most writers appreciate help with typos, bu unless these are major flaws, just one example or two will clue them in to do their own edit.

7. Any suggestions for what would appeal more to you

8. If you write yourself, of course your detailed suggestions about Plot, POV, Action, etc are more than welcome.

9. I, for one, appreciate all feedback, negative or positive, since I want to determine what works for the reader. Being polite, or kind, is fine, but an author who is offended by feedback gets diluted or modified input which rather defeats the purpose of asking for input. Just don't be hurtful or judgemental.

10. There's no ONE correct way to review and every author reacts differently, sometimes unexpectedly, being kind to a negative reviewer or harsh to a (mostly) positive review. But, just a hey, this was great, loved it does nothing to help a true writer. Spend a little time finding our why you loved it and paraphrase that, so it can be polished and perfected!

Note: If you have already reviewed any item and want to add to the previous feedback after any edit, either end the author an email or delete the previous review and make a new one. The first option allows the author to keep a record of all your suggestions.

Here's some sample reviews, including one by that same author:

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