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Short story for Daily Flash Fiction
Roger’s palms were oozing sweat. He has never gotten this far before. His mates didn’t think he could. And at his core, he didn’t think so either. Here he was, trying to de-stress by working out. He could barely grip the 15lbs dumbbell. His breathing was irregular. You could feel his pulse easily.

He tried the sauna. He couldn’t take the heat. He amazed himself by safely driving home. A cold shower soothed him, though. He sent a text to his best friend Peter: “I don’t know if I can do this”. His cell immediately started ringing.

“What happened? Are you alright?”
“Nothing. It’s just-I’m scared. What if I screw up? I probably will.”
“Stick to the plan. You’ll be fine. You’ll get the job done.”
“If you want God to laugh at you, make plans. This won’t go the way I’m expecting”
“Oh you want to toss quotes around, try this. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Roger didn’t have a counter argument. Because he knew he had to go through with this.
“I’ll be there to make sure you do this.” Peter hung up, leaving Roger alone again with his doubting mind. He knows Peter is right. He thought maybe Peter will save him when he screws up. Only to realize, he is on his own.

Roger suited up. The tux looked good but Roger’s self esteem deemed his face is what makes it and him looked hideous. He didn’t feel like himself in that outfit. He fought through his nagging to finally drive to the location. A song on his Spotify sings “Change, everything you are and everything you were”. He meets with his destiny and forgets the plan. He kneels on his right knee: “Serena, will you marry me?”.
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