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Something I just happened to write about wealth
• Wealth untold

Lucky the one who got the wealth untold
Beware the mental strength to behold
To be wealthy may feel strong and mighty
To be wealthy bears danger
Bears the risk of overestimate the power
Bears the risk of loosing mental strength
Bears the risk of thinking you are better
And no rules count for yourself
Just for the others

Lucky the one who got the wealth untold
Feeling almighty in the world
Mental strength to deal a million deals
A gifted mind to bear danger
To be wealthy like no other
Famous like a mythical creature
Bears the risk of losing all
Bears the risk of gaining all
Bears the risk of losing what's real
Nothing matters in this world
Just the wealth and having it all

Losing sight of what you really have
Memories of the struggling past
Everything gone dull from the past
A visionary to the wast future
Gambling is just a game
Attached to your wealthy joy

To be wealthy may seem invincible
To be lucky may seem it'll last
To be powerful may feel there's no end
But everything has a end
No matter who you are
To be wealthy means give
For those who in need
To be lucky means accept
For greed is blind
To be powerful means faithful
For those who in need

Bear the goodness of giving
Bear the kindness of sharing
Bear the wisdom of giving hope
No matter who you are
Someday you 'll be just bones
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