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Wrote it for a friend so he could celebrate their 3rd anniversary. They loved it.
Waking up to the morning sun, saying a very good morning
Today's just like another day, walking around my hometown
Going through busy market, hoping to meet new people
Walking by flower shops, smelling the flowers on the way
I don't want to stop smiling, it's really is a good day
Saw this Man from the street, I can't ignore this charming man

And I say
Oh Mister, can you please say your name
I know your not from around here, you are too charming for them
Oh Mister, can you please ask me my name
I know what you are thinking, I just don't want us to be strangers

And he say
My lady, I will tell you my name
I can see you wanting to know, I have no reasons to hide
My lady, can you please tell me your name
I know what you are thinking, I just want us to go for a date

And we both say
How can I say no to that, when you already looking me in the eye
Let us go and get something to eat, listening to our stories as we eat
Let us be together for now, so we can enjoy our daily lives

And I say
Oh Mister, would you please say your name...
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