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A nod to alliteration for a Writer's Cramp prompt. some noises are unforgettable.
         With a groan I roll over to peek at the clock.
         Have my hooded eyes deceived me? The time's a shock.
         There's no sweet sunshine caressing my baffled cheeks.
         Shimmery shadows shimmy in 4 a.m. streaks.
         The creature cacophony chorus startled me.
         My slumber shattered, splintered irretrievably.
         The neighbour's bird feeder boasts a blue/black barrage.
          Gawking, squawking, , squabbling, screeching starlings scrimmage.
         On the still damp ground seeds splatter, scatter, skitter.
         The bold birds strut, scrabble, ruffled feathers flitter.
         Squirrels scurry, scamper; cheeky chitter chiding.
         They challenge the greedy fowl from their branch, hiding.
         No blare, beep of alarm disrupts my reverie.
         Calls of the wild summon a sunrise symphony. ( 14 lines )
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