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A poem about a person in love with someone he feels to be way out of his league
We are only human— they say,
We are all flawed, No one is perfect they proclaim,
But in you I see no flaw
For in your actions I see perfection,
And your physique I see artistry,
Like a painting— The Mona Lisa
Perfectly crafted by the Maestro himself;
With great skill and precision
Gave rise to perfection, a Masterpiece
Thus, you cannot be human, you are divinity
From the heavens you came
To grace the earth,
Making it brighter with your smile
And melting my heart with your charm
As I stare into those eyes that shines brighter than the stars
I am hypnotized by your voice
For they are as melodious as a sweet symphony
I worship you with all my might
Granting your every request of me
In the hope that I might find favor in your eyes,
But still, invisible I remain to you
Except when you require a servant to run some errands
Which I do wholeheartedly
As if it were my purpose
After a while, my rational mind seizes control
It tells me you are not worthy of my service
For you can’t see me
Except when I am serving
And it tells me
This ends now,
Not again,
We will serve you no more
But right then you call,
And after staring into those eyes
I find myself serving again
Then it dawns on me
“I will always serve you”
For I am flawed and you are flawless,
I am imperfect and you are perfect
I am only human and you are a Goddess
And all I can do is pray
That someday, I might find favor in your sight
And you will finally see me
Not as a servant,
But as a flawed Man who deserves your love.
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