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Preparing for the aliens
The warehouse was humongous, there were one hundred workers busy, while Mr. Dormer, looked down on them from his office window. The man in the space suit was now wearing a jean jump suit, when he enters the office, and says, “the machines are ready for testing there’s one for every continent on the earth except Greenland. We need to reach 1850miles to cover the upper and lower mantles, that’s 2980 kilometers, and we can begin the drilling and extraction process of draining the nutrients from the soil.”“very well we need to get the drills loaded,” Dormer says, passing back and forth, amused by his own mad man marvel.
Dormers intent was to absorb all the nutrients Earth, and send them to his dying world.
There were two guards standing near the door with weapons of a peculiar design. The same kind of weapon that was sprayed in Abbey’s face. On the other side of the door was cecil lying on a comfortable couch, staring at the ceiling confused, but yet aware of the strange events of last night. Dormer dismissed the guards and told them to bring breakfast, when slowly opens the door. “I know what you must be thinking of me” …Dad; there is no excuse for what you are doing.” Like in the mansion there was more information on a viewing screen of Cecil’s dying planet, and information on her civilizations lifestyles, and her relatives. “I’ve watched the tapes and understand what happened to are World, but it doesn’t mean you have condemn Earth to doom. There other ways we can replenish are planet. I studing Agriculture for the planet earth, but now that I know who I am there’s another cause for me to strive for”, Cecil says, while her father rolled his eyes, and says, “Are people are highly more advanced than humans, Technologically, Physically, and mentally. I think other galaxies would rather deal with our civilization than Earths. These people are self-destructive, and I don’t think they deserve to being representing worlds!” Dormer says, lowering his brow, when he then noticed that he was talking to his daughter, when the two soldiers, come back, knocking, Dormer opens the door and the senior soldier hands him a tray of Earthly breakfast. Dormer puts the tray on the desk, and says, “soon you will be eating food from your own world” he says. Cecil was speechless, thinking that her father was a mad man.
Electra says, computer camouflage car of its shine”. The grayness of the corvette turned and matched the woods they were in. Slowly stopping, in between the many trees, the corvette came to a halt. The view could see the warehouse, and they could hear machinery, while two workers were standing outside smoking a cigarette.
“ So what do we do now?” Abbey says, when Electra took out a viewing device scanning the inside of the building, when she passes the scanner over to Abbey. “Wow! They have seven spaceships, and look at all the workers. You think will need assistants? Wait; on the upper, level I see Cecil pacing back and forth” Abby says, giving the x-ray device back to Electra. “We need a diversion. I have an idea; when she gets out the car closing the door quietly. Abby then gets out doing the same when Electra says, in a soft voice, “computer convert seats back to there regular position”, when Roshi, and his escort pop up like toast. “Electra gave Roshi the x-Ray device, and says, “Do you know anything about this, snatching the device from him, when he says, “no!, I can’t believe what I saw. They must have transferred all merchandise elsewhere or destroyed it”, Roshi says, looking baffled. “Know you see why you have to help us, an give up your obsession for Abbey; the chosen. Evidently these people are from another planet, and due to fact they didn’t Inform you of what they’re doing on planet Earth, and didn’t report to any nation, it could be assumed that their visit isn’t friendly. We need a plane”, Electra says, when the escort and Abbey come closer. “We may not have much time; we need manpower. Who can you depend on to trust in Tokyo?” Electra says, coming closer to Roshi. I can tell you, but you won’t like it.
There is another hand, and the girl is marked for death if they see her”, Roshi says, remembering that Abbey was the chosen one. Electra quickly punched him in the head, with the heal of her hand, him standing firm when the escort made a move, and Abby wrapped the Indonesian beads around his throat, when Electra says, Well your just going to make sure that doesn’t happen. Electra then gave him the phone. Roshi, staring nervously at Electra slowly dials a number, “Akio, can I help you?” Roshi began to talk in Japanese when Electra sneered, he then spoke in English. “This is Roshi. We need you’re assistance. I can’t tell you many details but the planet earth is in grave danger, I need for you to summon the hand”, when both Abbey and Electra start to rush him, when he quickly held up his hand, and they saw the sincerity in eyes. “I’ll but you on the phone with Electra”, “what you say, you get the choosen one?, Akio says, while an eagle flew on to his desk. Not as you say. We seem to be teaming up. I can’t give details over the phone hears Electra”, he says when Electra snatched the phone from him. Here are the coordinates’ to our location.
HIROAKI (広朗): Japanese name meaning "widespread brightness
IWAO (巌): Japanese name meaning "stone man.
RAIDEN (雷電): Japanese myth name of a god of thunder, meaning "thunder and lightning."
There were three members of the hand that were available. Akio, meaning glorious hero had served for Roshi for years.
It was early morning. They camouflage the corvette, and were resting when Electra had a sack of assorted vegetables. They eat waiting patiently, when Electra says to Roshi, “when your men get here will attack at night.” Roshi ,with a full mouth of the vegetables, says “good food”, when he falls asleep still chewing.

To Be Continued}
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