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A love story of two teens from two different worlds
Ella sat under a tree and that’s when she noticed a poster lying on the grass, the poster was about a singing competition. It also said that whoever scores the first will win a ticket to the US. Her ocean blue eyes sparkled with excitement when she read it. Ella went home and started practicing a song her mom taught her when she was a child. She went to the address mentioned in the poster. Ella felt as if the world was collapsing when she saw all the rich kids and the professional singers. Ella always hid her talents because she thought she wasn't good enough even her parents still don't know that she can sing. Nearly 100 people sang but the judges liked only 10 people that made her more nervous. She was the last one to sing so most of the audience already went home. When Ella's name was called, she took a deep breath and entered the stage, she started singing and the judges were blown away when they heard her voice little did she know she won the first prize. But when there's a victory there's always a disaster.
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