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Prosperous Snow's Quotes
Before I begin this essay, I want to thank Wordsmitty ✍️ for the idea. Please note I will be adding to this at random intervals.

Prosperous Snow's Quotes and Thoughts:

When your intuition (gut feeling) tells you not to do something or gives you a danger warning. Listen to it! - Prosperous Snow

Prosperous Snow's Food For Thought:
An Alphabetical Listing

All the best things in life are gained by hard work.
Believe in yourself - and you can succeed.
Creative thinkers approach life constructively.
Daydreaming is not alway s a waste of time.
Each mew dau os tje forst day of the rest of your life.
Faith is an important part of creative living.
Good things come to those who believe.
Hope is reborn with each new day.
Insight is gained through meditation.
Justice must be practiced by the individual in everyday life.
Knowledge of self is important for the progress of the soul.
Love is an attribute that must be practiced everyday.
Movement is part of life - we cannot stand still.
Non-movement is not standing still; it is moving backwards.
Open mind look forward to the future.
Progress is movement forward.
Questions are important to the progress of the human soul.
Reality depends on your point of reference.
Search for truth - even if it disagrees with your beliefs.
Time effects the physical body, but not the soul.
Unity is possible, but it takes work.
Vitality (enegry) is necessary for achieving your goals.
Wisdom is something we acquire slowly; a little bit each day.
Xtra effort is needed to break unwanted habits, but worth it.
You, the individual, can change society by changing yourself.
Zest for life is important to creative living.

Snow on Love

Love is not passive. Love listens. Love does not insist on its own way. Love accepts the failings of others and yourself. Love does not insist on being right Love is calm under attack. Love defends itself without malice. Love does not look down on anyone Love stands up for itself. Love is a gift from God.

More Alphabetical Food for Thought

Adam was a Manifestation of God.
Baha'u'llah's Covenant is water flowing over stone.
Christ has returned.
Daylight's blue slip is showing beneath tattered clouds.
Everyday is the first day of the rest of your life.
Follow your dreams because nobody else will.
God's Manifestations are the overlords of evolution.
History is God's footprints in the sands of time.
Inhale the morning's fragrance: migration is in our blood.
Jalapeno poppers with cactus jam is the food of paradise.
Knowledge of God is the cause of humanity's creation.
Love is an ever changing fractal o n the CRT of humanity.
Matter us frozen light.
Night is when the stars inspire the insomniac poet.
Observe the humble Mole, confident in her abilities.
Poetry is the breath of my heart.
Question reality, especially when someone else defines it.
Rain in Las Vegas falls mainly on the tourist.
Syllable by syllable we consume God's sacred words.
Thank you, Lord, for giving purpose to my life.
Unity accepts all religions as divine.
Voyage is in our genes.
We read poetry to get drunk.
Xenophobia is a sin in the twenty-first century.
You are the copulation of spirit and matter.
Zodiacal light is a symbol for doubt.

Who Can I Depend On?

I can depend only on God and on His Divine Manifestation, Baha'u'llah. There is no one else who will help me or guide me the the help I need. Through prayer, meditation, and listening to my intuition, I will find the assistance I need to get me through the tests and difficulties that confront me on a daily basis because of finances, health, and my own foolish choices.

Alphabetical Food For Thought:
Edited and Rewritten

All the best things in life are gained by hard work.
         Work done in the proper spirit is worship of God.
                   Service to humanity is the best way of serving God.

Believe in yourself, and you can succeed.
         Belief in one's self comes from knowledge of self--
                   and knowledge os self leads to knowledge of God.

Creative thinkers approach life constructively.
         Creativity is the ability to see through spiritual eyes;
                   it is a gift from God and should be used in His service.

Daydream isn't always a waste of time;
         it's a tool which, with the help of God,
                   we can use to aid ourselves and our fellowman.

Each day is the first day of the rest of your life.
         Begin it with prayer, end it with prayer, and bring
                   yourself to account (before God demands an accounting of you).

Faith is an important part of creative living.
         Its three aspects make up a gestalt (unified whole):
                   Faith in God, Faith in humanity, and Faith in yourself.

Good things come to th ose who believe.
         Belief and faith go hand in hand; one denotes outward
                   acceptance, the other inner certitude, of God's existence.

Hope is reborn with each dawn;
         in spring its truth is revealed;
                   the reflection of God's eternal light within the human soul.

Innsight is gain through meditation
         upon God's Holy Word--a quiet hour at
                   dawn or dusk removes dust from the soul's mirror

Justice must be practiced in our daily life;
         in all our dealings with each created thing
                   we should demonstrate God's justice to humanity.

Knowledge is important to the progress of the soul.
         God, the Unknowable Essence, is made know through the
                   sacrifices made by His Manifestations (reflections of His Light).

Love is an attribute requiring daily practice.
         Nobody is unlovable--each and every created
                   thing reveals one of the attributes of God.

Movement is a part of life; a law of nature;
         a spiritual attribute--nothing stand still--
                   progress is our ability to follow God's plan in our lives.

Non-movement--retrogression; devolution;
         refusing to learn from our mistakes--
                   occurs when one disobeys the laws of God.

Open minds look forward to the future.
         An open mind searches for truth, asks questions;
                   seeks the Manifestation of God for its cycle.

Prayer--conversation with God;
         the stairway to heave we climb
                   each day; thoughts sent into eternity.

Questions are important to the progress of the soul.
         Ask, unafraid to the answer, believing you will receive!
                   Be willing to accept, without restrictions, God's will.

Reality depends upon one's point of reference.
         The Universe is a gestalt view from different points
                   in time and space. God is on essence with many names.

Search for truth
         even if it disagrees with your beliefs.
                   Seek the Kingdom of God before anything else.

Time affects the physical body,
         but not the soul. Immortality--infinity--
                   concepts beyond the physical--Lord God Omnipotent.

Unity in diversity is the goal;
         God's love encompasses, creates and unites
                   all that was, is, and will be into a unified whole.

Volition is innate withing humanity,
         the choice is ours to doe as we will--
                   we can accept or reject the living God.

Wisdom is something we acquire slowly.
         With every day we live--each test we face--
                   God gives u s wisdom, patience, and understanding.

X--the unknown quantity within each
         human being. We are a mystery, a paradox,
                   unique--know only to God, the omniscient Creator.

You, the individual, can change the world--
         by changing yourself you change the world in which
                   you live--your are a component of God's infinite creation.

Zest or life is important to creative living.
         Look forward to each new born day with hope, faith,
                   and love--for God create humanity in His image.

This Much I Know

This much I know!
Lowe is the only true magic there is.

This much I know!
Faith is breathing without air.

This much I know!
Without love and faith this life is merely existing.

This much I know!
Each individual has their own secret knowledge gained from experience.

This much I know!
Each individual is put on earth for a purpose.

This much I know!
When I read the Holy Scriptures of each religion,
I feel the Holy Spirit echoing.

This much I know!
The known to one individual can be speculation to another.

This much I know!
There is one God with many names.

This much I know!
Each star has its planets and each planet its own life forms.

This much I know!
A woman's intuition is important to a woman's survival.

This much I know!
Some people believe faith and speculation are the same thing.

This much I know!
Intuition allows the individual to know many things,
but you must accept intuition as a fact.

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