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Electra and Abby are confronted with extraterrestrial
The Return Of Electra And Abbey

She went to a community college, not that she wasn’t capable of going to graduate school.
She had a job offer, as soon as she would graduate from Farmington Community College, with young men and women who were trouble makers.
She sat in her small studio apartment thinking of how she had been on the run from the Hand for many years, not having any close friends especially since she was ready to graduate in a months’ time. The only person she knew for a long period of time was, Mark Miller, her father. Everyone else were college friends, and fellow classmates that were graduating with her.
She sat at the edge of the bed in reverie thinking about her best friend, and the trials, and tribulations they’d been through; Electra.
Sensi (Stick) was playing pool with a man that didn’t know he was blind.
“Four ball in the corner pocket off the seven”. Sensi hit the cue ball, that in turn, hit the seven, that knocked the four ball, with precision into the corner pocket, when his nose went up in the air as though he sensed a presence, when he tells the man that didn’t now he was blind, “put your money on the table my friend”, when he still sensed another presence at the pool table. “You one fair and square”, the man that didn’t know he was blind says.
“Electra; I know it’s you. Your natural sent is in the air, but you’ve changed your perfume; my dear”, Sensi (Stick) says, carefully putting the pool stick in the rack. “Come and sit with me we have much too talk about”, he says, pointing to where they would be sitting. The girl Abby is older and wiser, but yet; she will be running into danger from The Hand. The Council of the Hand has one that is wiser than the team of Kirigi. We haven’t pinpointed who the person is; put we know that the person resides in America, and close by to where the girl goes to College. It is your destiny to return to the chosen young women to aide her, before she is captured, or killed by the evil powers of the Hand. The ability to control time, the future, and life and death must be preserved for the good of humanity, and once and for all Master Roshi must be stopped”, Stick says. “So what have you been doing with yourself since are last meetings?” “I’ve been busy”, Electra says, not wanting to discuss her dealing with another contact like McCabe.
In Greek Mythology Electra meant vengeful Greek Tragic daughter. Due to the fact that Kimaguri, meaning the ability to control time the future even life and death, Electra was somewhat stuck in the past, still avenging her father Agamemnon’s death, killing her mother Clytemnestra, and her lover, with the help of her brother Orestes. Her skills transcended into the future where she would kill people for a price. The people she killed were usually people that did evil things. Her special powers would be needed for preserving the Kimaguri, wish would be another test that she would have to go through to stop the evil of the world, and Abby played a major role in, hopefully putting The Hand out of commission for the good of mankind.
“So; is Abby still the arrogant girl she use to be?”, Electra says, not showing emotion on her face.“Have you forgotten the trails, and tribulations you both had been through? Are you still the stubborn student that you once were. Are you still seeking the revenge of your father’s death ,due to your mother’s; shall we say ; extra love cravings?”, Stick says, When Electra makes a swing towards Stick, while stick sensed the swing coming as he swiftly made his way to the stick rack, and slammed Electra’s fist on the pool table grinding her hand into the corner pocket, when Electra tried not to scream, but a burst came out of her mouth, when Stick took the stick off her hand, when she rubs it, and he says, “ you still have that temper of yours. So maybe that will answer your question about the young girl when you both are reunited. Your old ways will come to the present, but the strengths is for both of you to control those old ways, for you don‘t know, as yet, what The Hand, or others, have in store for you. Here is where the chosen one, Abby goes to college stick said giving her a piece of paper with a map on it. You are to go there as a friend, not letting her know of the Hands pursuit, telling her that the harm is over, and that you are there just for her graduation, or; to see her father again”, Stick says, smiling, while Abby turned and walked out with a brute look on her face,not showing that she would be looking forward to seeing Abby and Mark again.

Master Rosi sat in his din staring at the morning sun, when his servant came in with a phone. “The young girl has no idea who I am. She will be graduating from The Farmington Community College in a months’ time, then I will kidnap her ,with the help of others, who are close to her there”, the deep voice says, sounding eerie, and immortal. Master Rosi didn’t want Abby killed as yet. He wanted her to join the forces of evil, being that she was the chosen one, and would be given the gift of the Kimaguri.
Abby sat at the edge of her bed, coming out of her reverie, when there was a knock at the door. She got up and went to the small living room answering the door. Cecil was a good friend of hers, in college, and on weekends they would sometimes go to Cecil’s father’s estate. Her father was a wealthy man who imported, and exported merchandise all over the world. Abby never met her father.
“Hi Abby; are we still on for this weekend. I have a surprise for you”, Cecil said, with her bright blue eyes that seemed to pierce the room. “This week; I have so much to do for preparing for the graduation. My father will be getting in touch with me, and I don‘t know what his plans will be when he’s in town”, Abby says, as if she said it in a question. “Well; it’s Tuesday, so maybe you will be caught up, and your father will contact you before Friday. By the way Alex will be going with us”, Cecil says, in a teasing way. “No kidding!”, Abby says, excited, while in her mind she was thinking if her father did call, and wanted to come and see her on the weekend, how she could get out of it to see Alex.
Electra had responsibilities with Clifford Downing. Clifford was her contact to her next assignment.
“Hello; Electra it’s me Clifford, are you there. Electra waited ten seconds before she responded to the voice. “It is me; go ahead”, she said, picking up a pencil ready to write on a notepad, then tearing the paper off the note pad, so the information wouldn’t show an imprint on the next piece of paper. “You will be going to Santa Monica California, if you check your printing machine, after you take this information down, there’s a picture of your target,” his cover is in real estate, and his office is in The Santa Monica Place Mall, on the 6th floor ,suite 606. He usually is there until nine o’clock at night on weekends….”, Clifford says, when Electra Cuts in and says, “ I don’t need you giving me details. You gave me the address, and I’ll look at the picture”, Electra says, getting ready to hang up the portable phone, on her way to her printing machine, in her immaculate office, When Clifford says, “Don ‘t you want to know why he needs to be taken out? You do remember the assignment with Macabe, you didn’t want to go through with, on the account that you had the hots for some guy, and his daughter”, Clifford said, when Electra hit a button on her phone that had a supersonic frequency that penetrated his ears, when Clifford dropped the phone holding his painful ears ringing, while Electra gently hung up the phone almost smiling.
Charles Dedham was the C.E.O. of Dedham Realties, Corp., which was his cover for shipping heroin from China, and Afghanistan selling it to whomever would buy. He also sold weapons to the rebels against governments that had ties with The United States. It was about 7:00p.m., when he was in the swimming pool with two young ladies that worked selling homes, and condominiums to clients, and this is where he would send his buyers, looking at homes, when the young ladies would make the trade of heroin for money. If anyone wanted to buy weapons the ladies were instructed by Dedham to send them to a mansion that was leased by him. Sometimes the sales would be successful to the buyers, other times they were never seen or heard from again. His thugs would kill them and take their money, if they were suspicious of them being affiliated with competitors checking out Dedhams organization, and trying to move in on his clients, which he had many, so they could influence them into buying weapons from them at a cheaper price.
The Phone rang at the side of the pool. “Hello; speak your piece”, Dedham said, when the voice on the phone sounded computerized: “This is going to be the biggest deal of your life time. I will meet you at your office at 9:00p.m. to give you the details of my purchases. I hope you take checks”, the computerized voice said, Dedham hung up the phone, and called his thugs telling them to meet him at his office, and to be prepared for a hit, and big payoff, due to the fact that the caller didn’t use the pass word for his illegal actions.
Electra was at the shore hotel, in Santa Monica, where she had a clear view of Place Mall. After hanging up the phone she took the voice adapter off, running it back, listening to her voice, sounding like a computer. She then went to her bag and took out a metal rope with hoisting apparatus, then she opened up a case with the Ninja Sais Swords, when she made twirling mannerism with such speed, you couldn’t tell where she had the swords hidden on her body, or her red tight fitting clothing.
“Well, Abby I have to go now. Hope you can make the trip to my parents this weekend”, Cecil Said, looking back at Abby, with a girly tease smile look, when Abby patiently watched her leave, waiting for something new to happen. The phone rang, and Abby picked it up.
Is this my graduating girl I’m talking to?”, Mark, her father says, talking in a character voice like he was talking to an infant. “Dad; it’s so great of you to call. A friend of mine is giving a really great graduation party, soooo----; I was wondering if you could schedule coming to see me after the weekend; oh pretty please daddy”, Abby said regressing as if she were a young 4 year old. “Hold on; that’s why I’m calling to let you know that I won’t be able to catch up with you until next weekend. That will give us time to be together before the graduation. “Oh thanks a lot dad; I mean; it would have been nice if you could have come this weekend….” Abby says, talking in run on sentences, when she says goodbye.
It was 8:30 p.m., and Electra watched the people leave, when she got on the elevator opening the escape hatch at the top swiftly climbing up, closing the hatch. She had a wired rope attached to a hook, which she would throw up to the next floor, climbing up floor by floor until she made it to the sixth floor. She took one of the ninja swords out, and stuck it between the elevator door turning when she then quickly put the sword away, opening the door with her hands. Electra Jumped up on the floor, making sure the elevator door closed. She saw the electrical control box on the wall. Someone was leaving Dedham’s office, when she ducked around a corner. The man pushed the elevator button, looking back down the hall, when the elevator opened, and he stepped in. Electra took her time going back to the electrical control box, as her hips swung side to side. Opening the box, she turned the main switch, and all the lights went out. In the office Dedham was sitting with the two Asian girls, when one spilled champagne on him due to the lights going out, when he says, “you fools get out of here!,” both the Asian girls ran out the door, when Electra stopped the door from closing, so quickly taking out one of the thugs, who was guarding the door, elbowing him in the face, as he fell, and every one heard the fall, before the door closed, when Dedham calls out to the thug, and there was no answer. Dedham had a cigarette liter lighting it in the dark, when he gestured to another thug to check out the front. The thug took out a 45 caliber pistol concentrating on sound, since he couldn’t see anything. The ceiling was lined with wooden beams crossing the entire ceiling. Electra was holding on to opposite sides of the wooden beams, when she swiftly, landed on the thug’s head, who managed to get a blind shot off, but his neck was broken, by the strength of Electra’s swift movement, concentration and strength. She made a dash outside the office door. On the other side of the door there were two more thugs loading a machine gun, hearing the shot, when they unloaded on the door. Electra stepped aside just in time. The machine gun jammed, when Electra grabbed hold of the shot up doors’ rim. Thrusting herself, flipping, kicking the two thugs, who were side by side in the face. One of the thugs took out a knife, and threw it at Electra, when she caught it by the handle, when the other thug, aimed, getting ready to shoot, but before he could get a shot off Electra threw the knife at him, then taking out the ninja sword, slitting his stomach. Another thug, was shooting at her when she cartwheeled around the office, finding a concealed pillar in the office, as the shots hit the pillar, when she timed it just right, and without looking, swung the ninja sword out, and it caught the thug in the neck. Dedham made it to the elevator pushing the button hysterically. By this time the lights were back on, and two security guards were on their way up the stairs, and elevator. Dedham saw Electra as clear as day, when he took out a grenade, pulling the pin when he says, “O.K. Wonder Women; or whoever the hell you are; come any closer, and I’ll take my hand off___”
Before he could finish the sentence Electra ran towards him, when he threw the grenade at her, when she caught it, stuffed it down his pants, and kicked him out the sixth story window, when the grenade exploded, causing Electra to quickly move to the side by the front door. The security guard stepped out of the elevator heading for the office door. Electra twirled around punching the security guard with a quick spin. She jumped in the elevator, in the compartment up top, expecting more security on the first floor. By this time, the other security guards, from the first floor, were on the sixth floor. One of the guards that was punched by Electra came out of it and says to the arriving security guards, “Whatever it was; that hit me; I couldn’t see. All I saw was a red flash of clothing”, the security guard said rubbing his face. Electra waited a couple seconds, listening to hear if any other security guards were around. There were none around, when two Doberman pinchers, sped around the corner so fast they tripped over each other, regaining their barring, heading for Electra. Electra ran towards the glass window using the ends of her ninja swords crashing the glass, not giving the dogs time to pursue her. Swiftly the swords were concealed on her quickly, when she ran across the street hearing the sirens coming her way, when she stopped running, her hips swinging side to side with great strength, turning the corner as if she never did what she had just done.
Abby was on the phone with Cecil, when she says, “Good news; my father won’t be coming here until next week, so I’ll be able to make the trip this weekend”, she said, carefully. Abby was still cautious of things she did, because of her dealings with The Hand in the past. It was important to pay attention to the time she spent on the phone, and who she was talking to. Still being cautious, she says, “so; is Alex still going to be there?”, she said smiling with her finger in her mouth, when the girls then began gossiping about the people at their college.
Electra liked surprising Clifford. Taking the mail out of the mail box, he opened the door to his home; she quickly pushed him inside, Clifford not losing his balance, when he says “I read it in the paper. Good job, and if you come into my office I have your payoff, with another job”, Clifford said, going through his mail, then gently putting his hand on Electra’s back leading her to his office, when Electra holds back, and lets him enter first mysteriously counting to herself, then she enters. “Here is your payoff; spend it well, and here is…”, before Clifford could get a word out about her next assignment Electra says,“I’m taking some time off”. When Clifford says, “Oh really!, Electra; you have no life ,no friends, and due to your very talents that are beneficial to me; most men are afraid of you!”, Clifford said, when he found himself spinning around in the air, getting dizzy, not knowing that Electra had a hold of his neck, when she slammed him on the leather couch, putting her knee in his chest when she says, “this is a personal matter that I need to take care of, and I can’t tell you how long I’ll be”, she says, taking her knee off of Clifford’s chest, sitting on the sofa, when Clifford saw a part of her that he had never seen before when she stared at the ceiling, and he got closer to her when he says, “take all the time you need. I’ll be here when you get back”, Clifford said, trying to match the speed of Electra’s getting off the couch, while she swiftly made it to the front door, while Clifford was just turning the corner from his office, holding his neck, When Electra walked down the path from his home, her hips swinging, back and forth, with such strength, a little boy fell on his bike, going passed her, and she picked him up, smiling, and put him back on the bike, carefully, like she was handling a dozen of eggs.
Electra was at Sensi (Stick’s) compound, when he was in the middle of sparring with five students. The one student came from behind him running; ready to kick him in the back, when Stick, swiftly with grace, caught the inside of the other leg, near the back of the knee, and jerked forward with both hands, when student number one was in a sitting position, with the leg he tried to kick Stick with pointing straight in front of him, while the leg that was jerked, was bent, the knee on the mat, while Stick faced the number one student, when the number two student came and attempted to take the bamboo stick to Stick’s chin, when Sensi (Stick), but his hands in front of him in a preying motion, shifting the bamboo stick to the side taking it, while the second student lost balance. Stick stood up, and the third, second, and first student came after him, when he stood at the end of the matt, hearing them approach in slow motion, but they were approaching quickly, when he held the bamboo stick up, and when they attempted to make impact to him, he went down flat on his back, missing the impact, twisting with his bamboo stick on their legs catching number one student, and number two student, behind the knee, then quickly catching number three student with a different stride, while all three students clumsily fell off the matt.The Number four student and number five student ran up to Sensi (stick). The fourth student, held him down, and the number five student thrust at his stomach taking the bamboo stick. Electra then took off her jean jacket, snatching up the bamboo stick, from the first student, who was ready to come back on the matt, after Stick, when, Electra did a cart wheel, catching the fifth student in the face, while she was still cart wheeling taking the bamboo stick to his stomach, when he fell to the ground. The first second, and forth students rushed stick and Electra with their swords, when Sensi (stick) says, “halt and the fifth student humbly left the matt and jogged off into the woods.
“So was that one of your test Stick?” putting her jean jacket on, while stick could hear the wind running between her and the jacket, with her every movement. “I’m Glad that you were aware of that, for everyone needs help, in troubled times. As you probably know I could have taken out all five students, but I could smell your old perfume, that you use to wear, so I decide to create this exhibition for you. I’ve been in meditation. The Kimaguri, has shown me things that you will be faced with; and the chosen one; Abby. You both will be tested. Be aware that there are always other issues that are not pertaining to The Hand finding Abby. You will have to humble yourselves; you and the chosen one; Abby, for there are things that are unclear, so I suggest that you start your journey at once. For my test is nothing compared to the one that you, and Abby will be faced with”, Sensi(Stick ) says, while he turned, and walked alway from Electra, while the wind blew, her hair back from her ears, when Sensi(Stick) turns and says “listen to the wind, and do not over estimate what the Kimaguri will show you; if you can interpret it”, he says, turning walking in the direction of the wind, to the woods, while Electra looked upon him until he vanished into the woods, while the wind died down, and she closed her eyes, starring up at the clear sky, hearing to students yelling from the direction of the woods, then it stopped.

Mark Miller was in the hotel kitchen working on the cake for his daughter’s graduation when the manager comes in and says, “Mark we have a party of 55 people coming in for dinner tonight. There will be politicians; you know; senators and their wives. One of the wives said she had been here before and enjoyed your beef filet Mignon, and the trimmings, and she wants it for her quest”, the manager said, smiling, having the most confidence in Mark.
Mark was no longer running from The Hand, but he was aware of their ability to track him down, or worse, his daughter Abby. He put the cake in the freezer, wiping off his hands, when he had a vision of Electra, and he remembered what she did for his little girl. He knew; somehow, that Abby would be safe. But he was the father, and for the moment, just thinking about the past, he went to the phone to call his daughter.
Abby, Cecil, Alex, and Dan were on their way to Cecil’s Fathers estate.
“So what does your father do for a living?”, Dan says, putting his arms on the back of Cecil’s seat, driving the black S.U.V., when she drove with one hand slapping Dan’s hand off the seat. “He’s into some kind of export import business, where he sends and receives things from all over the world”, Cecil says, with a confident secure look on her face. “Hey guys did you here that there was a U.F.O. sighting over Japan a month ago; and you know those Japanese don’t lie”, Dan said when Abby looked back, looking at Alex, telling him to slap Dan for her ,when she says, “You know; if you keep talking like that, they just might abduct you and take you away with them”, Abby says, when she got a quick vision, but ignored it and laughed along with the others, when Cecil turned on the radio, and rock music was blaring quieting any further conversation.
Mark sat at the last stool, in the crowded bar going over delivery vouchers, when someone came up behind him poking him playfully in the back. It was Electra.
Master Roshi was in his din, when the servant came in with the phone. “Hello it is me; and as we speak, the so-called chosen girl; Abby, is with my daughter, and there arrival time will be tonight.
The eerie deep voice on the phone was that of Arthur Dormer. Arthur Dormer had his own interest in delivering Abby to Master Roshi. Master Roshi had a warehouse in Japan, by the pier where Arthur would be exporting and importing goods, and other things.
“It’s very important that I have complete control of the warehouse by Saturday night. My crew of men will be sent there to handle the merchandises. Under no circumstance will any of the goods be handled or opened”, Arthur says, looking up at the sky, where there appeared to be a shooting star.
“As long as the girl is sent to me you can be assured of my part of the bargain”, Master Roshi says hanging up the phone, giving it to the servant.
Arthur Dormer had a secret that not even his daughter Cecil Dormer knew about. He stared into the sky with a sinister look on his face.
The Black S.U.V. was at the front gate. There were two guards there that didn’t recognize, Cecil when they asked her for I.D. “Here’s my driver’s license; but you know I can have you fired”, she said in a silly way, when her and Abby laugh, when she sped away, throwing her I.D. on the dashboard. “He was kind of cute”, Abby says, while she looked back at Alex sleeping when Dan says, “wow this is more than an estate. What type of staff does your father have here?”, Dan said, notching Alex, who woke up instantly. “My father has a small army of men that live on the estate to protect some of the goods that he imports, and exports. He sometimes gets accounts from different governments, that need to be protected from spies”, Cecil said, while they pull up to the main house and the lights turn on, almost blinding Abby,Alex,and Dan. The light didn’t seem to bother Cecil at all, when she says, O.K. troops this is the last stop, when they all got out of the S.U.V., when Abby,Alex,and Dan stare at the front of the mansion, when Cecil went up to the door, opening it like she was back in her dorm room in college.
Mark turned around on the stool feeling the food vouchers slipping out of his hands, when his vouchers were caught quickly, by Electra spinning him to face her. Mark then says, “hello Electra; how great seeing you. I was just thinking about you, and all that you did for my daughter and me. I was about to call her, but then hung up the phone. She loves her independence. I changed my mind…”
“Mark it’s important that I talk to you. Is there somewhere we can talk; in private?”, Electra says. A man at the bar stared at her, then but his hand on her backside, when she grabbed his hand making it a fist, and grinded it in his snifter drink glass, when she says, “Don’t you think you had enough?”, when the glass cracked, and if it wasn’t for Mark interrupting, there would have been blood on the bar from his knuckles, when Mark says, “I have a room in the hotel. Let’s go, when he put a twenty dollar bill on the bar for the man, and says,” you need to get that fixed”.
Cecil’s father was coming out of his study, when Cecil ran to him, and curtsied like a silly child. Arthur Domer then looks at Cecil’s friends and says, “Welcome to The Domer Estate, putting his arm around his daughter, scrutinizing the group.
They were in Mark’s hotel room. Electra was staring out the window, when Mark says, “would you like a glass of wine?”, Going into the small refrigerator pulling out a bottle of red wine. Electra then turns around and says, “ I went to see Stick; I’m afraid that Abby’s life maybe in danger”. Mark put the bottle of wine on the dresser. “Oh no; not again, when he reached for his phone getting ready to call, when Electra, gently put her hands on his, directing the phone back in his inner suitcoat pocket when she says, “it’s not a good idea to alarm her yet. She’s older, and she has good instincts. By now she must be experiencing The Kimaguri. We must be patient ”, Electra says, taking her hands off Mark’s chest. I get images of something I can’t explain; something new to me. The best thing we can do is wait for her call. “I know where she is. I can cancel my time at the restaurant. We could just surprise her. In case she isn’t experiencing the Kimaguri . It would be a surprise for her to see you”, Mark says, putting his hand on Electra’s arm, when Electra looked at him suspiciously, when a pleasant feeling went through her body. They stared at each other when Mark breaks the silents, and says, “so what have you been doing with yourself; meet anyone special?,” when Electra, on impulse, grabbed onto Mark. The bed was behind Mark and she pushed him down and laid upon him when they kissed briefly, then stopped and stared, kissing vigorously, rolling back and forth on the bed slowly.

The Edward, the butler, then enters when Cecil leaves her father, and gives Edward a hug introducing her college friends, when Edward then says, “If you follow me I will be showing you to your rooms where you will be staying, as he smiled and pointed his long crooked finger to the spiro staircase, when , Alex , and Dan walk, with their mouth’s dropped at the size of the mansion looking around up, and down while climbing the spiro staircase, which only made them dizzier.
Cecil went into her father’s din with him, when he says, “There’s something I need to talk to you about. It’s your mother; your mother; I never wanted you to know about her, being protective of you. I lied when I said your mother was in a car accident. What I’m about to tell you is secret, and shall not leave this room. Instead, before I tell you I’ll show you”, her father, Mr. Dormer says, pushing a button, when a screen came down, and a foreign looking projector, that Cecil never saw in her college glasses before, began to show images.
Narrator: “Are colony was heading to another galaxy. Are planet had been destroyed of nutrients. All agricultural resources were no more. Cecil looks over to her father, and says, “Dad what is this. Are you a movie maker or something; did you change jobs?”, when her father turned off the projector, and says, “this is a documentary that will tell you who you are, and what really happened to your mother, so I need for you to listen and watch as though you were in one of your agriculture classes,” her father said, with a sinister look on his face.
The storm destroyed their home planet of nutrients. They were absorbed by a mysterious space storm. The colony leader designated certain families, of the sciences to leave the main ship. The storm had some type of intelligence that they didn’t understand, or translate.
Narrator: “Your team will be educated on the planet earth in this new universe. Cecil we are aware of your education in agriculture. When you graduate you will be assign duties of a scientific nature. More details will be given to you from your father. Your mother Ester Dormer was killed in the storm. We tried to save her because of her knowledge on resources on other far away planets, such as Earth, where you are being educated. You will follow in your mother’s footsteps, and continue her research, correlating it with your knowledge, and we will consume all the nutrients from this planet Earth, and return them to our home world”, the narrator says, personally talking to Cecil, who was baffled at the fact, when she froze, and her father turned off the projector.
Abby was in front of her room where she would be staying, when Alex peaked out of his room signaling for her to come over. Abby shook her head and blew him a kiss, when she stepped inside the large room that looked like it was out of a luxurious magazine. Abby laid on the bed and fell asleep, when she was disturbed by images that looked like the devil, speeding back and forth in front of her, when she then saw images of the sky, foreign objects headed to the planet earth. She then woke. This was to be her first vivid image of the Kamiguri, when she thought defensively playing with her Indonesian warrior beads, which could be activated into a weapon. She then thought of Electra knowing she would be destined to see her again.
Cecil still had a bewildering look on her face, when she says, “Dad are you in some kind of trouble. Mom was in a car accident, and we are surely not from another planet”, she said uncertainly.
“Sweetheart we are not from the planet Earth. Like the film says; our planet was destroyed by some kind of intelligent storm, ridding the land of all its nutrients. It is our mission to make sure that we drain Earth of Its nutrients to take back to our planet, controlling it’s weather. We’ve found a way to simulate the storm that destroyed are planet. You were given the task of majoring in agriculture, so we can do further studies. You will be given a assignment that was supposed to be your mothers”, Mr. Dormer tells his daughter lying, to convince her of the ruining of the planet Earth, for the reconstruction of their dead planet.
However, Mr.Dormer had no idea of the devastation of ridding the earths’ nutrients, and the damage that would be caused, not knowing how Mother Nature would adapt to something so destructive. But Mr. Dormer was determined to rid earth of its nutrients regardless if the earth suffered from it or not.
Cecil ran to her room, and fell on the bed, when she saw a bright light near the compound, staring out her window, when she gets off the bed, ready to sneak down to the compound. When Cecil came out of her room, to sneak to the compound, Abby heard her footsteps, and got out of bed, on instinct, when she looked out the window, and saw Cecil headed towards the compound, when she put on her sweat suit,put her cell phone in her pocket and left the room, to follow Cecil.
Cecil was inside the compound, when a military vehicle was approaching. She ducked behind a tree to hide from the bright lights of the vehicle. She went to the door of the warehouse. It was locked. By this time, Abby came up behind her, not to startle her. Cecil jumped up in the air and turned around, when Abby covered her mouth, telling her to be quiet, with her other hand, when she had her eyes on the military vehicle turning heading in the direction of the warehouse. She took her hand off Cecil’s’ mouth kicking the warehouse door, when it flew opened, when it began to ricochet back, but quickly, Abby pushed Cecil in then went in herself, closing the warehouse door quickly. The military vehicle shined its search light on, scanning the warehouse without stopping.
“How did you do that…how did you know I was out here?, Cecil said, thinking about what her father told her, now seeing that there was something definitely going on, when she brushed her hair back, with her hands, waiting for Abbys’ reply.
Electra got up, while Mark was still sleeping. She but her close on quickly, leaving the room, heading down the hall way, when she pulled a device from her grey leather short coat, pushing a button, getting in to the elevator, putting away the device, pushing the garage button. The grey corvette was equipped with many features that were installed by her, with the help of a friend from M.I.T. “opened door, and turn on the engine. “The engine roared like a jet. Electra says, “turn down sound of engine,” jumping into the car knowing exactly where she was headed.
“I Can’t tell you a lot of details about me; but; I know there is something that you want to tell me”, Abby says, when Cecil Stared at her not wanting to tell her anything, afraid that she would be ridiculed, and deemed insane. She was in a trance. “Cecil, Cecil, It’s important that you tell me why you came out here, when Cecil came out of her trance explaining to Abby What her father told her, when the top of the warehouse began to open, very slowly. Abby says, “we must find a place to hide… over there. Whatever is coming in must have bright lights”, Abby said, When Cecil alertly says, “That’s the reason why I came out here.
There was a small kiosk, with a roof over it and some boxes. They hid under the boxes when bright lights were overwhelming the warehouse, when a flying apparatus was entering, lowering onto the ground. By this time the warehouse door was opened, and the military vehicle entered with the bright lights turned off swerving in front of a yellow line waiting for the large foreign aircraft to land. The two soldiers step out of the vehicle, when one says to the other, “get the conveyor, this should be our last load for the night, when he watched the door open.
“ Computer, leave garage and take instruction on direction of destination”, she said punching in the numbers that were bearings to the college where Abby went. It was late, Electra thought, so she knew she would have to act fast. Slowly coming out of the garage Electra straps herself in and says, “computer ignite booster engines” Computer says, “fasten your seat belts honey”, When Electra thought to herself that she would have to get with her M.I.T. friend and correct that problem. The grey corvette took off about an inch from the street, while it made a turn where the highway was, going down the on ramp as if it were a plane landing, when it made a sudden stop, then proceeded past the speed limit going 200miles per hour, but cable of going faster. After passing a under pass Electra says, “Computer go to maxim height”, “Maxim height is 24 feet. Do you still want to proceed?” “I know the height please do what I say, or I’ll drop you off at a chop shop”, “as you say, the computer says, going 24 feet in the air ,the grey corvette disappeared from town. A passer byer slammed on its breaks, rolled down the window, when he got out of his car on the highway, and almost got hit by an oncoming car.
Mark woke up feeling for Electra. He then opened his eyes, and noticed that she wasn’t there. He got out of bed calling out her name. He quickly looked for his phone worried about his daughter.
The other soldier wheeled the conveyor belt to the foreign aircraft, engines were turned off.
A man in a spacesuit, unlike earths, stepped out a side door, with a note pad in his hand when he says, “O.K. men; this is the last load, will see you next time”, Crossing out something on the note pad. For a moment it was quiet, Abby forgot her phone was on, when it played a rock song loud enough for the soldiers, and man in the space suit. Cecil’s’ box was moving, when the men took out there pistols, while they headed for the kiosk. By this time Abby put her phone on vibrate, put the man that got out of the foreign air craft knew exactly where it was coming from. He then quickly took the box off of Cecil first, when one of the soldiers held her by the arms, when she stepped on his foot, despite the pain he was in he still continued to hold her. Abby pushed the box off her, drop kicking the soldier holding Cecil, when Cecil tried running for the door, but the other soldier caught her. Abby wished she had her Indonesian warrior beads, which could be activated into a weapon. She then thought of Electra, when the man in the space suit, sprayed something in her face. Both Cecil and Abby were tied up, when the man in the space suit called Mr. Dormer.
“You idiot; that’s my daughter. But this other one is Abby and you did me a favor catching her”, Mr Dormer said, taking his daughter out of the kiosk, while she was still unconscious “Get me Master Roshi on the phone”, Dormer said to one of the soldiers.
Master Roshi; This is Mr. Dormer And I have the girl, Abby that you wanted. She happened to be sneaking around one of my warehouses at my compound. Morning will be coming up soon. Fly to the airport, and I will have my men pick you up, to get the girl”, Dormer says, gently slapping his daughter in the face, trying to revive her, with no success. “Don’t forget about your part of the bargain”, Dormer says, pushing off the phone button with difficulty, handing it over to one of the soldiers.
It was six o’clock in the morning, when, Roshi and two of his men get out of the jet, and are escorted to the limousine getting in.
When Electra got to the college she broke into admittance to find out where Abby was staying. She found her dorm room, and left admittance, closing the door behind her, walking fast, as her hips swung from side to side, showing the force of her being. Abby wasn’t in the room. She then looked in the desk draw, looking for something she would be able to track her with, and found her
Electra then found an address of the mansion where Mr. Dormer lived, she then ran out of the dorm going down the stairs, leaving the dorm building, when two drunk male students were leaning on the grey corvette, when she quietly says “Computer speed forward”, when the two drunks fell to the ground, and before they could get up, Electra was on her way. “What the hell happened?, The one male student said to the other. Most of been a super hero, when they both laugh, not knowing it was Electra ; Goddess of Kimaguri.
Abby had never seen Roshi before, but one of the men that escorted him reminded her of one of the beast in the hand.

Roshi and his escort were shaking hands with Mr. Dormer, and the man in the space suit, when Roshi looked surprised, as he signal for his escort , to stand down from reprimanding The man in the space suit, when Mr. Dormer says, “no need to worry. This man is merely a human being”, he said, when Roshi , didn’t show signs of relieve, but he was, especially, when he saw Abby tide up, when he rudely, walks over to Abby, quickly, taking the gag off her mouth, when he says, “do you know who I am, and yourself?”, signaling his escort, to stand Abby up and untie her hands. Mr. Dormer went over to his daughter, who was coming out of her unconsciousness state. “Are you all right; my dear?”, holding her hand, When Cecil says,
Where is my friend Abby; what have you done with her?, taking her hand out of her fathers, when she saw them heading towards the warehouse exit, which there was a pane of glass above the door. Cecil called out, “leave her alone; she’s my friend!, struggling against her father, who now held her back with two hands.
There was a loud crash of glass. The grey corvette, enter, while the glass shattered to the left, and the right, while Roshi and his escort, let go of Abby, and went through the door towards the limousine. Mr. dormer then picked up Cecil, and ran to the spaceship, while the man in the space suit was on his way to the control center boosting engines. Electra says, to the computer, “computer open passenger, when Abby instinctually jumps in, when she says, “computer; reverse”, when the corvette turns and hovers, and goes out the same way it came in, when Abby says, “Cool”, smiling, when the smile left her face and she thought of what they had been through, when Electra says, brace yourself, when they landed on Roshi’s limousine crushing it, while Roshi and his escorted calmly dropped down ,preventing themselves from being smashed. “Electra; it’s my friend Cecil, there taking her away!, Abby says, when the roof opens up, and the space ship takes off. Electra drove the corvette off the limousine, and says, “computer; activate left, two sharp sliver objects came out of the front of the corvette. “Computer; penetrate limousine and straighten it up”, when the computer says, “would you like me the original position?,” When Electra says, just widen it up enough to get the two beast out,” she said, thinking about the chop shop she warned the computer about for almost human comments.
The four of them stared up at the sky, watching the space ship quickly going in the direction of the morning sun, when Electra says, computer does that ship have any type of frequency that you can patch me into, or can you tell me it’s destination, by hacking its navigation lock?” Electra says, waiting patiently for a response from the computer. “Mmmm mmmm”. Electra rolled her eyes when she then approaches Roshi. Slamming him dragging him, to the limousine, shocking him, while his escort comes over and Abby quickly drop kicks him, kicking him twice in the neck, keeping her balance, with her foot on his neck, as she bounced, on his chest. “ Who is this man;” putting more force on his neck, “and where is he going in the spaceship? “Believe me; I don’t know,” Roshi said, When Electra, squeezed harder on his throat, while his escort tried to take Abbey’s foot off of his throat, when she reached down and punched him in the face. “O.K., o.k. I am sure he is on his way to Japan, to my warehouse, where he has cargo there that we are storing for him”, Roshi says, when Electra let go of his neck, and says, what’s in the cargo?” “he wouldn’t tell us, and he forbid us to look”, Roshi says, when Abby lets the escort up off the ground, when he went Roshi’s side, When Electra threw the Indonesian beads over to her. Abby caught the beads, with swift mannerisms, looking at Roshi, and his escort, then stopping looking at Electra, when she says, “these would of made the escapade much easier, I could have rapped them around that space ship, and climbed to saved my friend Cecil…” When Electra Says, “I see you’re vocabulary has
Excelled will catch up on things later, but we must first get to Japan, and find out what her father is up to.” She then says, Computer convert trunk into two seats, Without speaking, Abby helped with Roshi, and the escort into the converted seats, when she says, “you two are going with us, your pursuing Abby days may be over. You will help us when we get to Japan”, when she says to the computer, “Computer close door, and strap passengers down”, when she quickly looks at Abby. The computer then says, “but not the girl; right, When Electra went to the drivers seat, and Abby to the passenger seat, when Abby looked at the computer panel, when she says, “hey; cool car”, setting back looking , not expecting Electra to respond, when Electra manually drives the corvette away, slowly from the warehouse.
“Call your father I’m sure he’s concerned about you”, Electra says handing her a hand held phone. “Hello dad?” “I’ve been worried about you. Where are you?” “well I’m safe for now, we’re on our way to Japan”, when Electra took the phone from her and says, “It’s best that you don’t know what’s going on. Where going to Japan to find out what Abby’s friends’ father is up to. We’ll keep you updated when we have more information”, Electra said giving the phone back to Abby putting her finger on her lip, telling Abby not to say anything about Roshi, and the spaceship. “Dad I have to go now will be in touch”, Abby said, when her father says, Wait sweetie; what part of Japan?”, but it was too late Abby hung up the phone, and gave it back to Electra when she says, O.K., you’re the keeper of the phone, and everything is hush hush” smiling, when Electra sped up.
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