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Taking the time to understand someone instead of judgements and making preconceptions
I've walked a path that no one knows
through days were clouds grew dark.
While others all around me were just
strolling through the park.

They've never stepped inside my shoes
or looked into my soul.
How hard I fought against the dark
to finally take control.

To throw around their judgments
without having any facts.
Just shows lack of compassion
and an absence of their tact.

I've felt the pain of loss and grief
with words unkindly spoke.
Yet steeled myself against their cold
my resolve not to be broke.

Although I am not perfect
and mistakes I've surely made.
I will walk a path of truth and love
its foundation firmly laid.

Now if you want to know me
then please kindly take some time.
To look past preconceptions
to the person you will find.

So walk with me, step in my shoes
seeing truly who I am.
And I will do the same for you
my loving precious friend.

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