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by Gianna
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Teen · #2167904
Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I tried, I went a month trying to lease him. I was too busy to ride because I got accepted onto the volleyball team. I just wasted all of my money. Buyers remorse I guess. But a lot of shit happened in that month. The biggest is that I’m just getting worse, I don’t feel anything but sadness and numbness. Oh, wait! You don’t know what happened to me. When I was about six my family and I were driving down I-80 when we saw a motorcycle crash. My dad’s a cop so it was just his instinct to go out there and help. We were pulled over on the side when the ambulance came. The sirens must’ve triggered something in his brain. He got up and started fighting everyone. He made it to our car and got in the driver's seat and tried to drive away. He ended up hitting the ambulance. We all had to get out of the car and fast as we could, and my mom being the selfish bitch she is she got out and I was left to get my three-year-old sister out of the car. I was six for fuck's sake! Well, I was traumatized by it and now it’s starting to really affect me. I have even thought about ending it a few times.

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