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6 Fashion and Beauty Choices for Powerful Women
Written by Nancy Mangano

You can always spot a powerful woman by her confidence, attitude, dress, and her positive demeanor. She radiates when she walks into a room, and she inspires and influences the people around her. It often times doesn't take verbal words to come across as powerful as much as it takes charisma and letting your actions speak for you! To sum it up in one word, a powerful woman is polished!

6 Fashion and Beauty Choices To Be a Powerful Woman:

Invest          in Yourself: This can be achieved by taking charge of your health,          your beauty, and your education. Eat a healthy diet, continue          learning, and stay beautiful both inside and out. Present yourself          as a strong, powerful woman, and you will be viewed this way by          others.

Dress          for Success: It has been said that you should dress for a position          you strive toward and you will be seen this way. Like it or not,          people make first impressions of you based on your wardrobe and your          makeup. Present a stylish, strong you to the world and feel powerful          and confident.

Maintain          a Polished Appearance: When you look put together, it is obvious          that you take care of yourself. You come across as organized,          responsible, and powerful. You don't need to wear too much makeup          if that isn't your preference, having a healthy, colorful glow on          your face is as imperative as a big smile! Groom yourself well!

Dare          to Be Different: Powerful women take risks. Put in for promotions at          work, stretch, and challenge your thinking. Dress in your own unique          style and express yourself through your makeup. Own your power by          being your true self!

Don't          Be Afraid to Ask For Help: We all feel stressed and overwhelmed at          times, no matter how organized and powerful we are. Everyone needs a          friend or a helping hand once in a while. When you need help or          assistance, just ask. People will respect you for it!

Uplift          the People Around You: Generosity is a gift to those around you. By          maintaining a positive attitude, giving to others, helping others,          and engaging in teamwork you will shine brighter and be more          productive. Uplifting people are fun and privileged to be around.          Make sure others are better off for being around you.

By presenting your best self to the world, holding strong in your beliefs and principles and living with honor and integrity, you'll excel as a confident, much appreciated, powerful woman.

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