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by Rei
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The next few days are filled with the Links trying to readjust to castle life.
The twilight was comforting, a sight for sore eyes in his opinion. A smile graced the prince's lips as he looks out over the people who've shown to acknowledge his arrival. He takes a bow, his ears slanting peacefully. When he straightens up, he pauses. There, in the middle of the crowd were two ruby red eyes staring up at hi-

Vio wakes up with a gasp, shooting upright in the loner bed. He focuses on his breathing. The light coming in from the window told him that it was early morning. He sighs as the events of the day before came washing over him.

Shadow... The mirror... The Four Sword...

Vio sighs shakily and runs a hand over his face, ears going back in slight frustration. Slipping his legs out of bed he pulls on the purple outfit and his sword that he usually wore and leaves the room. It was strange at how different everything that was so normal to 'Link' seemed to him. He's been in this part of the castle before, the kitchens and dining hall were right around the corner, but Vio felt like he'd never been there.

'I guess that's because I truly haven't been here.' He thinks to himself. He shakes his head and heads down the hall. No doubt that Green would be there waiting for Zelda to take her place at the head of the table. His ears went down and back in anger when he passed one of the many mirrors. This one had somehow been untouched by the attack on the Castle. Vio looks at it with half expecting to see red-eyes looking back at him. 'He's gone, Vio. Stop looking for him.' He scolded himself with a small growl.

His suspicions about Green were correct he supposed. Actually, Green, Blue, Red, The Princess, and Father were already in the hall. A wave of nervousness washed over him, but he didn't let it show as he sat next to Red, who put his hand over Vio's in an attempt to make him more comfortable. Vio would be lying if he said that it wasn't working.

"Heh. Looks like you're the one getting a cucco attack, Vee-ooh." Well, there goes the calming feeling. Vio sighed as Blue's teasing and constant mispronunciation of his name caught his ears.

"It's Vio, and you know it. Please Blue, say it right when we're in the presence of the head of the guard and Princess Zelda." He says with a bored tone. He could feel eyes on him, he knew who was staring at him. Nonetheless, he lifts his head. His... Link's father was staring at him. Perhaps he should've let some emotion into his eyes, but he felt too numb to do anything other than just... look.

"Well isn't this pleasantly... awkward," Zelda says with faked cheer.

"I just don't understand why you let these imposters into the castle," Father said suddenly. Green looks don at his late with a small sigh as Blue's ears go back in anger. "I can see how you would think the green, blue, and red ones are Link, but this one?" He points to Vio, who's just calmly looking on, now eating his breakfast. "He's cold, emotionless. Who knows maybe, maybe he's working with that cursed demon who wreaked havoc on the castle."

Then came the sound of silverware clattering onto a plate, a chair against the floor, heavy breathing, and the unsheathing of a sword. "I dare you to say that again," Vio says coldly, his eyes showing off the anger he was feeling as he stood and pointed his sword at his elder. Green began to stand up but was stopped by Zelda who raised her hand to stop him. Her eyes clearly said 'Watch how it turns out.'

"You dare point your sword at me?" The elder stands up, his hand on the hilt of his own blade. "I don't know who you are but, My son would never draw his sword against me."

"You would do the same in defense of the one you love."
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