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Thank you for your reading! By reading this,You get some tips to attain your goal. Enjoy!
Firstly, never be enthusiastic. Keep your motivation calm.

If you would be too concentrating on something, you will lose your fever soon.

This phenomenon sometimes happens because human brain tends to protect itself by reducing adrenaline.

It is a natural defense function of human body. All you must do is just do your work every day calmly.

Secondly, set up your environment.

Write your goal on paper and put it on the wall.

Ditch irrelevant goods as long as possible or jut hind them.

Fill your room with tool for your goal so you can feel your work close, then you need less energy

to get start your work every time.

Thirdly, do it ordinary pace. Do flatly your work. If amount of your working time would be changed frequently,

you will feel dissatisfaction when the amount of your working time happens to reduce.

Finally, make anything for your motivation. Even if some accidents or incidents happen,

make them incentives for work.

For example, you should think "I 'll get back at them by my succeed", when you were teased or got harassment by someone.

This make you strong for unexpectedly happenings and even for your hardship.

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