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Simply feeling like writing, the following spilled forth from the jumble yard of my brain!
I long to write a masterpiece. For the words to come dribbling out of my mind effortlessly through my fingers onto the keyboard below and appear magically on the screen before me. Spinning and weaving a magical tale into the minds of the readers. Creating vibrant, vivid scenes. A momentary escape into a magical illusion of another reality.

Oh, to have the injection of a million-word vocabulary implanted into my tiny mind. The ability to succinctly shape, form and structure the sentences to appear effortlessly woven. A creation where the reader finds themselves completely captivated and mesmerised. Fantasising of marvellous, inspirational and never-ending possibilities. The ability to change and shift their perceptions with a subtle, well placed word.

Alas, I sit like a statue, frozen in time, staring blankly at the nothingness on the screen in front of my eyes. My keyboard gathers dust whilst my hairs continue to grey. Willing my sloth-like brain to conjure up this imagined, eloquently written, yet ever elusive creation of words. Please, magic Word Fairy, visit me whilst I am sleeping and grace me with your gifts of vocabulary. Oh, Father Christmas, may I please have a Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia transposed into my intelligence?

So, for now I will continue to stumble across my words and spill forth rambles of twisted, tumbling thoughts. Ever persisting, ever moving forward. Although, before I start, I might just go and grab a coffee and read that new novel I just purchased!

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