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Lessons in texting
Hermione_Granger has created a chat
Hermione_Granger has added DaRedHed to the chat
Hermione_Granger has added BoyWhoLived to the chat
Hermione_Granger has renamed chat to Ron Harry & Hermy

DaRedHed: hi
BoyWhoLived: hello
Hermione_Granger: Hi guys
DaRedHed has added OriginalWeasley to the chat
OriginalWeasley: Hello Hermione and Harry. Thanks Ron
DaRedHed: dad wanted to try texting
OriginalWeasley: Yes, these muggle inventions are just great!
BoyWhoLived: yup
Hermione_Granger: Hi Arthur
OriginalWeasley: Now, I have a question. How do the owls deliver these messages so fast?
DaRedHed: uuummmmmmmm
Hermione_Granger has renamed chat to Ron, Harry, Arthur & Hermy
OriginalWeasley has added Rubeus to the chat
OrignalWeasley: ooops, I think I did something.......
Rubeus: kjlewllop
Hermione_Granger has renamed the chat to Ron, Harry, Arthur, Hagrid & Hermy
BoyWhoLived: Hagrid?
Rubeus: vasntyoi tgyhpohkne
DaRedHed: r u ok?
OriginalWeasley has added HogwartsHeadmaster to the chat
OriginalWeasley: o no, I did it again!
HogwartsHeadmaster: Hello everyone
Hermione_Granger renamed the chat to Ron, Harry, Arthur, Hagrid, Dumbledore & Hermy
Rubeus: sdfhuilkmhjkjhefdpoiew
OriginalWeasley: Is Rubeus alright?
HogwartsHeadmaster: He is fine. In fact I'm with him right now. His fingers are simply too big for this funny muggle contraption.
Hermione_Granger: You could always use the Engorgio charm
OriginalWeasley: Yes, that will do the trick
HogwartsHeadmaster: That is indeed a good idea Miss Granger
Rubeus: Hello. Thank you Hermione!
BoyWhoLived: It worked!
DaRedHed: Brilliant Hermione
Hermione_Granger: Thank you *Smile*

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