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Living for the present or living for the next generation
Alone I stand upon a cliff,
Eyes wand'ring o'er the ocean's drift;
I ponder long on legends great,
E'er ancient kingdoms met their fate.

For long ago, long since forgot,
Fair men of old faced fiery dart
'Mid battle tumult, standing tall
Til war was won and dragon fall.

Alas! their sons remembered not,
Nor cared to think of kindred lost,
But rather stopped their ears and said,
"For mine alone I'll win my bread".

And so the ancient lands would fall,
Their children conquered, brought to thrall,
Deposed, destroyed, crushed into dust
By their own selfish, wanton lusts.

Thus as I stand above the shore
And muse upon the tales of yore,
I fear for many of my kin
Who follow swift those former men.

Let not desire take hold your heart
For kingly gain or sovereign's part,
Lest blind you turn aside your gaze
And meet demise ere break of day.

For from such shade is little hope
To break aside the filthy yoke:
So guard your hearts and steel your souls
To overcome that mortal foe.
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