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The world is dangerous
The sun began to pierce through the clouds shining its lights over the small town of Lockhart. Ambulances and Police sirens rang out and multiple smoke clouds had arisen that could be seen for miles. The roar of a SWAT truck is heard as it passes through the town, the men inside began to cock their rifle and strap their helmets preparing for what was going to happen next. The truck made a screeching halt and the men jumped out one by one, they walked slowly through the burning town scanning all around the area.
Tipped over cars, broken windows and blood was everywhere, their captain brought his fist up signaling a stop and pointed to his right, the team nodded and ran over to hug the wall of a gift shop. They made a frantic stop when a flaming car dashes down the street and exploded on impact, the team raised their rifles in anticipation of their foe, their sweat began to fall from their foreheads and soak their mask, waiting for what is about to come around the corner. Loud thuds could be heard coming down the street getting closer and closer as well as much smaller footsteps.

Those footsteps belonged to Emmett Lench, a high school senior of Lockhart Highschool, his body bloodied with scratches and cut on his cloths and body. He slows down trying to make a sharp turn but ended up running smack dab into the SWAT team.

Their captain got him by his collar and threw him to the wall. He took off his goggles and lowered his mask.
"Kid what are you doing here the whole town is being evacuated."

"I'm running."

" Your running?"

"Yeah...... from that," he said pointing his arm.

The captain raised his brow until he heard it, he slowly turned his head to come face to face to a tall beast standing on its hind legs, its mouth drooling. The creature opened its largemouth showing it dagger-like teeth, howling into the sky. He throws Emmett to the ground and raised his rifle.
" Open Fire".
All at once the team shoots at it unleashing round upon round at the large beast. Shot by shot the beast was brought back and finally was brought down, the team hovered over the creature their fingers on their triggers.
Emmett cried to the captain " you didn't kill it's not dead." But the captain was too late to react as the black-haired creature opened its crimson red eyes and sprang back to life. It dashed forward blasting the team all around, one of them knowing down Emmett as well. The beast scanned over the bodies looking for any movement.
A bullet whizzed across it face barely missing its eye, it turned to its right to the captain posted against a wall. It slowly approaches him as he shoots sporadically from his Baretta. Emmett moved the body of the unconscious SWAT man coughing up a little blood, he looked up and saw the beast raising its giant claw about to attack the captain. He scooped up the rifle from the ground and ejected the magazine and swapped it for a green one he had in his back pocket. He pulled back the handle to load the bulletin and aimed down the sights. With one pull of the trigger, a dart from the magazine flew across and hit the beast. It roared in agony as it flopped to the ground.

The captain jumped up and turned to Emmett.

" What did you do?"

He shows the magazine to him "tranquilizing dart highly potent"

"And just have them lying around"

"It's a long story "

The captain ran over to one of his men checking his vitals, his body was warm, but he was bleeding bad. He pressed a button on his walkie and spoke.

" Dispatch I need an ambulance at the corner of North Church St I have multiple men d.... over"
"We got you ETA 10 Minutes"
The captain sighed in relief as the bleeding began to slow down and more of his men began to regain consciousness. The all halted when the say the beast shift it legs up and down and moving it arms. They picked up their guns, aiming down their sights. Before they could fire Emmett jumped in front.
"Don't shot"
They turned to each other and frowned.
The captain stepped forward.
"What are you doing did you see what that thing did to my men and look around this town is burning kid, why should we not kill it" he said in fury.
Before Emmett could speak a word, he turned to at the beast to see change before his vary eyes. Its large body shrunk smaller and smaller, its teeth change to pearl white teeth, its hair fell of around it revealing a naked slender girl lying there passed out.

Emmett turned back around " She is why."

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