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A masterful work of literary merit — 27 contemporary poems — 18 Zen poems — more...
Considered by some to be a masterful work of literary merit. DE Navarro gives us 27 engaging contemporary poems, 18 transcendent Zen poems, 1 work of flash fiction, an educational article on Contemporary Poetry, and a secret recipe for Greek seasoning.

Everything works together to develop the main theme of sowing seeds from the best of the great knowledge of our past—the Timeless Lore—cultivating it with our present knowledge, and harvesting the new seeds of knowledge to sow and plant for future generations.

DE has been called a word-master who writes with an intelligent poetic flair that demonstrates his symbiotic relationship with the English language and extraordinary ability to deliver powerful themes through words and imagery. This book is no exception. Powerful words from a word-master.



What DE Navarro writes is powerful. But the real treasure is the heart of this writer. All his words have power. But the power of words comes from the spirit in the heart of the writer. He has the spirit of the wordmaster in his heart. It is a joy to read his works.
                                                 — Robert Woods

Wow, you really are a master with words. Very intelligent writing, but at the same time, with poetic flair sprinkled about and definite passion. You are very deep in your relationship with words. You are married to them, and they to you. What a symbiotic relationship you have with the English language. Your writing totally blows me out of the water. I'm impressed. What a journey it has been through your amazing poetry!
                                                 — Susan Stumpf

I easily found myself lost in your poetry. Your talent is quite extraordinary! You have the ability to bring power through words/themes, through strong description and imagery.
                                                 — C. Van Steen

Sample poem in book:

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