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Foot Humor

Do humans ever consider what we go through? I mean, we are always reliable; there to protect their feet. Giving comfort. Oh sure, we do it in pairs. But still, do they ever say thank you? I have to walk miles and miles, go through dirt, water, mud, oil, grease! Just the other day, my owner step in an ugly pile of ....well, let's just say an animal left it behind. And last week, while wearing a pair of beautiful stiletto heels, my owner stepped in some type of green, sticky, stuff. Some say it is called gum. They say they put it in their mouths. For the life of me, I do not know why! Never do they say thank you. No, they just come home, kick me off; throw me and my partner aside like an old shoe - oops! My goodness, that is what I am.


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