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Just a start, incomplete, but it is a start nevertheless
Beverwyck County, NY:

Fictional place, sort of a cross between Schenectady and Schoharie counties in New York. The hustle and bustle of Beverwyck, a city of 110,000 or so, with its hot and humid summers, its cool and crisp autumns, and its snowy winters. The suburb of Willemstadt is home to the University at Beverwyck (State University of New York at Beverwyck). The laid-back nature of the town is perfect for the STEM researchers house at the university.

Further out, the villages of New Pleasance, Dutch Mills, and Easton are famer towns, originally producing wheat, rye, and other grains for Fort Orange/Albany and Beverplaats (Beaver Place, now Beverwyck). In the spring and summer, one can smell the “fields” of corn and other grains. All year round, the Beverwyck Place Brewery creates its well-known ales and beers.

Glenvale School:

On the outside, it looks like a 4-story stone private school, dormitories on either side but, it is a portal across the veil that separates the reality of man and magic. The school houses children from the ages of 12 to 18, along with teachers and staff.

In the autumn, the smell of and the sound of fallen leaves permeate the air. The winter sees snows fall and ice develop, sending students, faculty, and staff head-over-heels, literally, at times. Spring the air is full of new life, both in smell and sound.

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