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Slightly depressing poem of lost love
I've always wanted a tattoo,
But never thought it'd be from you.
Leaving your mark upon my heart,
In ink which no one else can view.

I feel your presence in the air,
With ghostly brushing strands of hair.
Warm breath sighs and I'm surprised,
To turn and find you aren't there.

To say I miss you is a lie,
I can't forget you though I try.
For in a crowd both drunk and loud,
You found the one who was most shy.

You were my best partner in crime,
Whose taste in movies was sublime.
We planned out our perfect murders,
But we only wound up killing time.

With wit, (which always rivaled mine)
You spat insults I can't design.
Often I laughed and gasped for breath,
Because you boldly crossed the line.

At times we nearly thought as one,
Which of course we found quite fun.
Sometimes it was too hard to say,
Where I ended and you begun.

Even though we cannot be,
You'll always be a part of me.
My favorite one, who's now become,
A painful, precious memory.
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