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A brief outline of what is happening in the world today
Through-out the history of mankind there have always been those who managed to amass great fortunes. The accolades that follow have always preempted the virtue of their good fortune. For the multitudes though, through-out the world have always languished hopelessly in desperation and despair praying that they too could rise up out of the depths of despondency, poverty, and woe. In many instances it can be said that through their anguish the temptation of the dark side of humanity overwhelms their soul.

In every century since the Great Flood there have been those whose conquests were made possible by trading their immortal soul for earthy gains. All of mankind has been witnesses to the atrocities that have been manifested out of man's selfish desires. It can be arguably said that where there is goodness and virtue there is also sinister evil. This evil when the Devil plays his hand many succumb to the temptation of the hand that is dealt. All that humanity has created over the centuries from the great works of art, literature, science, music, technology, and medicine is constantly being threatened by those who have already accepted the hand the Devil has dealt.

In a world that is progressively savage in spite of all that is good and virtuous the clouds of deception and deceit continue to blanket the humanity of man. There are many who thirst for power, wealth and glory for they are the ones who are so often swayed by their own conscious desires to reap the rewards from the hand the Devil has dealt. So often disguised where truer intentions lie in wait the diabolical plans are already in play. There is so much evidence, to impossible to refute that the selfish desires of people who have already accepted the Devils hand have succeeded in attaining their earthy gains.

The staggering price man has already paid from the inner conflicts between good and evil has put mankind on the brink of being sent back into the cave of the Neanderthal. As so often in the past there have been those whose goodness and virtue have not been tempted by the hand the Devil has dealt for they are the ones who have made the future possible. And, yet there are those few whose acceptance of the Devils hand have only made that future for millions a premonition of things past.

Today's world where money begets power, and power begets control, and control begets more wealth is the chain of reality today. The links of this chain stretch around the globe. The dire conditions to which millions continue to wallow in is testament to the selfish desires of those who have already accepted the devils hand. The servitude to which humanity continues to endure where over 50 million the world over are forced into slavery is where their taskmasters have willingly accepted the devils hand.

Even in developed countries modern-day slavery is flourishing. With all the rhetoric about raising the minimum wage in the US today many would agree that those few who have reaped riches beyond belief as evident by the enormous income disparity gap is a staggering testament to what has become a virtuousless society. There are countless millions in the US who live day to day wondering when they too will be able to rise above the adversity that they have been subjected to by those few who have readily accepted the hand the Devil has dealt them. All around the world in this the 21st century you would have thought that slavery would be extinct and yet there continues to be increasing numbers of those who have fallen into the clutches of those who have succumbed to the hand the Devil has dealt.

In nation after nation millions of children are being forced to work in unimaginable conditions, to migrant workers who toil day after day bearing the weight of their taskmasters who continue to reap the bounty of their forced labors. Even in Florida migrant workers are subjected to horrific working and living conditions one would only associate their servitude as modern-day slavery. In other nations millions of young girls are being forced into prostitution while millions of men and women are victims of bonded labor.

When the United Nations introduced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1998 with full cooperation with the United States and the other developed countries put in words that they have acknowledged that there continues to be a cancer of human suffering and servitude that continues to spread and infect every nation around the world. But, since then the actions of these leaders of state have only encouraged those few who have accepted the hand the Devil has dealt to negate the meaning and efforts to ease the suffering of millions around the world.

It is written in article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as " Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well being for himself and of his family, including food, water, sanitation, clothing, housing, medical and necessary social services. This also includes the right of security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, old age, widowhood and other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond their control." It is ironic that the United Nations with sponsorship of the US and other developed countries have asserted this Universal Human Rights Declaration while the few who have been benefactors of the hand the Devil deals continue to deny the availability to universally achieve these basic human rights when the world has the resources to do so.

As the world comes to the close of another year a year where so much human suffering continues what better time of the year than this holiday season to acknowledge that we all have the ability to put in play the humanity back into every society. Where people everywhere will actually be able to have the means to leave the yolk of oppression that is strangling the life blood out of mankind. To live free from want and free from fear is a reality we have to achieve.

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