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Little short story, more of an introduction to a story really.
“Caelum!” he came in a second.

“What is it Petra? You sound worried”

“Where is Avani? I left her sitting in that branch, we were looking at the birds, I told her to stay there while I went for water. Did she went looking for you?” she figged with her hair “I swear she is going to be in some trouble, Caelum. Did we do something wrong? Do you think something happened to her when she was born? She is so… unnatural, we do not disobey our parents, not at that age!”

“Do not worry. Dear Petra, remember some have a though time growing up. She’ll turn just fine”

“I don’t want her to be marked”

“She wont”

Caelum looks out for her and sees her at the edge of the forest, just enough to be covered. She is trowing little rocks at a little boy’s head. She laughs every time she hits him. Every now and then the boy turns around and trows rocks back at the forest. He clearly can’t see her so why does he respond? Caelum wonders. The rocks go back and forth and eventually the boy turns and pulls his tongue out, then throws one more rock and leave.

“Avani” Caelum says with a deep voice. She turns scared.

“Father. I am sorry I was just investigating where the birds where going and they came here because those over there were given them food!” she pins out towards where the boy was sitting “I think they are trying to get them fat so they can eat them, I start to throw rocks to bother them and make them go away but one of theme trows back at me! I had to get back at him so I keep throwing rocks but keeps throwing back, of course he couldn’t hit me, but, like it was just a game—“

“Avani. Do not ever leave without any of us this far. Do you understand?” They walk back to the meadow where Petra is waiting.

“Yes, father” she looks down.

“You had your mother worried”

“I’m sorry mother” Petra frowns and looks at Caelum. It’s not normal to ask for forgiveness.

“Clim. We are going home” Avani looks up and smiles at him as he positions her on his shoulders.

“You would do the gardening all week for three weeks” Petra says angrily

“Yes, mother” Avani says but is distracted by some of the butterflies that are passing by. Petra gets close to Caelum’s ear

“Something is not normal about her” She whispers.
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