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by John
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First idea of a new story for a game I'll just call "Rift". More ideas coming soon
A flow from the stream and a blow of the wind from the empty space silenced the voice of her mind. The orbs ceased shining and shaking from her knapsack, but pushing her toward the frozen darkness…
Every set of steps taken,
Shaken hands ached, standing
     timidly and Unfamiliar
yet nostalgic, like the crumpled
memories of her Mother
  challenging to venture,
but     spent from blocking
the sharp cold sunlight

         The moon light, nearly swallowed by the night sky that was sprinkled with stars and by the silk strands of the cold creeping clouds, shined on her with a thin beam that stretched from her eyes to the empty horizon ahead of her along the ground. Again, despite everything I’ve done thus far, I still feel it pushing me towards an unknown destination. And why I still persist to partake in questionable journeys, I don’t know. Her legs moved in the direction of the light.
         She questioned her sanity not because of the outrageousness of her journey, but because of her indifference. Her fear, present and engulfing her, but not felt. Feeling was just the numbness of her uncovered hands and feet that would shatter like a rain of glass if she moved them too quickly. Nausea fading in began to boil her head combing with the churning of her stomach made her uneasy. As frozen drips of sweat fell from her hood covered hair, she desperately tries to calm her breathing. I must find a way back! I should have never dove in... Suddenly, the perception of sight was beginning to be an ambiguity, and becoming split. Two worlds, one of warmth and familiar, the other frozen with ambiguity, began to seep into each other in her vision.
         A suppressed gasp escaped her mouth as the chattering teeth caused her to bite her tongue. She kneeled down in defeat to hug herself. At this point, her prayers was the only distant light that kept her alive.
         Thump! And a rip from her knapsack and a roll toward her, Vana witnessed the orbs in synchronization position themselves in front. Calmly, she focused on them. One, the color of the setting sun she cherished and the other, an ocean unknown yet comforting. Both no longer shining, but carried their hue even in the barely lit landscape she was in. A breath into the dark frozen desert she was in escaped her mouth, shrouding her vision with fog. Closing her eyes, she accepted the consequences of her curiosity.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2173604