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by John
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2173742
Following Vana’s Venture to the cold world
The rush of nostalgia conceived from fleeting memories, and carried by the streams that branched from the spring made Vana gently question her purpose with tears. The shaky foundations of her decisions were like the trembling and frail knees that gave as she stared toward the waterfall.
“I thought.... that by searching for my mother, I would find truth. And perhaps happiness, to see her face for the first time” she whispered to herself with a forced fragile smile, that turned into one of despair.
“I just didn’t know that by doing so I would find such truth to be cold and unforgiving,” she poured her tears into the stream which carried them down along the bank. Visions of her father deluding her mother and herself to believe that the mass genocide of her mother’s race was justified caused her strained screams to scratch and claw at her throat.

The mist blown from the falls grazed her face with a shine like stars sparkling in the night. Focusing on this soothed and eased her pain for a split second before she decided to stand again, though it was midnight by the time she planned on what to do next. Looking up, she was surprised that she hadn’t noticed the gleam and glow of the waterfalls when she was meditating on her troubles. There was almost a transparent blue hue that lit up the forest, and reflected from the stream were the stars so that it looked as if diamonds were floating in the water.

Witnessing this amazing scenery warmed and embraced Vana’s heart from the ice cold harshness of the world she was in. Suppressing the tears, she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the sky in relief knowing that there was at least some beauty to the world she was in. Spinning in place with her arms open, she danced to the music emanating from the crashing of the water from the spring. If only this world could be healed by this beauty... she thought as she continued to spin.

All the while, one of the orbs within her knapsack nudged itself out, floating from the bag and above the water while she was distracted be her joy, and began to gracefully lower itself into the water. Sinking in, it’s orange hue illuminated the transparent stream along with its own blue hue.
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