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Frankly, robots are what ever we allow them to be or make them. Unlike humans, robots do not have motivations, goals, desires, emotions, etc that humans have that regularly direct and affect their life. Robots are only performing an action and given the “motivation” to do so through the programmer, owner, or operator. Robots have no logical or rational reason to take over the world. Despite our fears, that situation is just not realistic, rational, or plausible. For robots to take over the human race, someone needs to program it and all of its peers to have that as their ultimate function and purpose. Also, it is risky to assume that a robot has human desires such as need to hold power or desire to be in power. What use would robots have with power? They are not a living species therefore are not subconsciously trying to and do not need to hold power or do anything else against humans since they are not facing natural selection and are not preoccupied with trying to allow their spawn to have the best chance in life. The only way for robots to attack and aim to take down mankind would be by a human programming them or demonstrating that concept in some way. We put knowledge and skill into computers and robots, not the other way around. So, whatever that robot is doing was programmed, taught, shown, etc. The robot is incapable of coming up with completely original created ideas originating from its brain. Instead, the robot has several processes in affect that allow the robot to be told how they should react or what they should do. All of these are programmed and are introduced to the robot via one of many possibilities.
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