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You are shrunk and with your grilfriend and her friends.
          It was your girlfriends birthday. Your blonde girlfriend Maddie, just turned 21 and was having s few friends over. Her friend Sydney, was a sassy, skinny blonde. She was pale but was pretty good looking with a decent butt and nice boobs. Her other friend Molly wasn’t the best looking being pretty overweight with a giant ass and big boobs. She had brown hair and pale skin but was pretty shy. Finally, Maddie’s last friend was Kelly. Kelly was built a lot like Maddie just with brown hair and she was tan. Both had nice big butts, nice sized boobs, and had tummy’s, but they weren’t bad looking even the slightest. One last difference was Kelly was mischievous and sassy.
          You had never spent this much time with Maddie’s friends, and the worst part was they were getting drunk. It made you nervous. You were about 2 inches tall, and since the shrink epedemic the world had changed for people like you. And you didn’t know the true feelings Maddie’s friend had towards shrinks.
          Maddie was the biggest lightweight there, it wasn’t long till she passed out. You were stuck there with Maddie’s friends. They all continued to laugh and drink but then Kelly said, “Let’s play truth or dare.”
          “Okay,” the others said. You agreed to play.
          “So, I’ll go first,” Kely said, “Molly, truth or dare?” Molly said truth. Kelly replied, “ Have you ever eaten a shrunk, if so describe it and did you like it.”
          You have known Molly since you first started dating Maddie, You honestly didn’t know what to expect from her since she was such a shy girl. Molly’s face got red and she spoke, “ Yes I have. It was a group of people that happened to be over at our house. My mom said not to do anything but it was the prefect timing. I grabbed them, put them in a bowl and started to grab them one by one and swallow them.”
          “Did you like it?” Sydney asked. Molly looked at them and nodded. Sydney responded, “Molly you crazy girl. I’ve never eaten a shrink.”
          “After the first few it’s not very hard,” Kelly jumped in, “I’ll take guys home with me from the bar and they think I’m an angel, but they soon learn how my body is formed the way it is. Okay Molly, your turn.”
          The other girls were mesmerized by Kelly’s openness. Molly asked, “Kelly, truth or dare?” Kelly said truth. “Have you ever thought about shoving a shrink up your,” Molly said while pointing at her butt.
          “Of course. I’ve done it. They squirm and it feels so good. If you haven’t you totally should. You too Sydney. Anyways, it’s my turn,” Kelly said, “ Ben, truth or dare?”
          You had honestly forgot they invited you to play. You respond with truth.
          “Okay, has Maddie ever wanted to eat or put you in her body in some way shape or form?”
          “No, she doesn’t talk about that stuff with me and we don’t do much. I’ll massage her every once in a while. I’ve massages her butt cheek, her feet, her boobs, but never inside of her,” you respond.
          “Interesting,” Kelly responds, “Did you know she has actually eaten shrinks Ben?”
          That you didn’t know. “No she hasn’t.”
          Kelly responds, “Well I have been with her before when you weren’t around and she ate a shrunken couple.” You couldn’t believe it. All this time, and you didn’t know Maddie and sent two poor souls for a trip of a lifetime and one they didn’t come back from that is in a form they would’ve wished. Maddie’s poops stunk and you couldn’t imagine that fate.
          “Okay, my turn. Sydney, truth or dare?” Sydney said truth. “Okay, what’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you?”
          Sydney thought, then responded, “ Well, one time in highschool I watched a girl shove a tiny man into the back of her pants before a test.”
          “That’s not weird, that’s a good way to focus,” Kelly interrupted, “ I sure most of us gals wouldn’t mind a little something to keep our minds going, right Molly?” You knew Molly had probably never felt the touch of a man and while she was drunk you were seeing a different side to her. Molly’s eyes lit up and she agreed with Kelly.
          It was Sydney’s turn, “Molly, truth or dare?” Molly said dare. “Okay, I dare you to call someone who is shrunk in your family and tell them next time you see them you are going to swallow them whole.” Molly got he phone and called a cousin. Molly followed through with her call and Molly’s cousin said he was never going to come around Molly again.
          The girls were laughing. Now it was Molly’s turn, “So Kelly. Truth or Dare?” Kelly said truth. “What’s the saddest story you’ve had with shrinks?”
          “Well one time I ate a Mom and two kids and shoved the Dad up my ass. They all were unlucky to have shrunk and the Dad was begging to join his family so I made him take a different route.”
          “Okay, my turn, “ Kelly said, “Ben, truth or dare?” Truth you responded. “Okay, if you had to choose anyone in this room to eat you, who would it be?” This game was starting to make you uncomfortable. You knew with Maddie passed out that any of the girls could do something unpredictable. “Well I’d say Maddie.” You were telling the truth. Even the thought of going into her tummy sounded awful, but it sounded better than the other girls.
          It was your turn, “Sydney, truth or dare?” She said truth. “Who is the celebrity you like the most?”
          “Well, after people shrunk, I really liked Cardi B.” You knew why. Cardi B probably ate more shrinks then any human on the earth. They were her diet, and people begged to be part of her diet. She didn’t care though, to her they were all just a meal.
          “My turn, Molly, truth or dare?” Molly said truth. “Name your top three people you would shove in your buttcrack?”
          Molly smiled, “Well, Ed Sheeran, Joe from school, and Ben.” You couldn’t believe it. Molly was staring at you and all you could think of is what was Molly was thinking of. If she could have it her way, you’d be face to face with her poop chute.
          “Oooo, feel special Ben?” Kelly said in an exciting voice, “Molly’s turn.”
          “Sydney, truth or dare?” Sydney responded with a truth.
          “Okay, if I gave you a shrink would you eat it?”
          You could tell that Sydney was nervous. She responded with,” Of course!” You knew deep down she wasn’t into eating shrinks. But, you noticed Kelly wasn’t buying her answer either.
          “Prove it then,” Kelly said.
         ”How am I supposed to that. Who am I supposed to eat?”
          Kelly looked around. Then her eyes landed on you. “I don’t know. I didn’t think that far. Anyways, it’s your turn.”
          Sydney asked, “Kelly, Truth or dare?”
          “I’ll do a dare, since everyone else always does truth.”
          “Okay, I dare you to call a shrink and tell them something terrifying.”
          Kelly pocked up the phone, “ Hey Mike. I was just calling to tell you something. So you know how you’re whole family disappeared. Well, I sort’ve ate them. That’s right, I felt them struggling to stay out of the acid. But they couldn’t escape. Now if you don’t line me up with more people to eat, you’re going to have that same fate... oh you already have three people, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you, goodnight.”
          The girls were laughing, “ okay my turn,” Kelly said, “Molly, truth or dare?” Molly felt pressured and said dare. “Okay, I dare you grab Ben and drop him in the back Sydney’s pants.”
          “What, why me?” Sydney exclaimed.
          “Well I thought you didn’t care about shrinks?” Kelly said.
          “Well I don’t but this is Ben. This is Maddie’s boyfriend.”
          Then Kelly said something you couldn’t believe, “So. I could eat him and not care. He’s a shrink, nothing more than a snack, buttplug, or dildo. But if you won’t do it then I guess Molly, I dare you to drop him down the back of your pants since Sydney cares so much about shrinks.”
          Molly didn’t hesitate and lifted you up. As you were being brought around you saw the darkness in her buttcrack. Then Sydney said, “Fine. I’ll do it. I was just being kind to Maddie.”
          “Ughhh, fine.” Molly brought you back towards Sydney. You were grateful to have been saved from Molly’s ass. But you knew that where you were going wasn’t going to be a fun trip either.
          Molly pulled back Sydney’s yoga pants revealing Sydney’s ass. You were dropped back and the yoga pants snapped back. You were stuck between Sydney’s cheeks. You slowly were slipping in and if you struggles you would only slip in faster. After a while, you felt your feet reach a pocket of air, finally you landed face to face with Sydney’s pooper. It reeked of shit. You couldn’t imagine being eaten alive. That would be awful. To come out of such a simple, yet terrifying system was as said, terrifying. You couldn’t believe all the people you learned that have eaten shrinks. That could be you.
          You could hear the girls giggling and laughing, that’s when you heard Molly ask, “So Sydney, how does he feel?”
          “Not going to lie, I was nervous at first, but now it’s not that bad.”
          “Is he even in you though?” Kelly asked.
          “Well no. He’s just against my asshole,” Sydney responded.
          “Well shove him up there. Let him see how powerful your body is. Let him get a whiff of what he could become,” Kelly said.
          “Why though, this is Ben. He doesn’t deserve that. Plus he is Maddie’s boyfriend. The only asshole he should go up is hers and she’d have to do it herself.”
          “What if we let him get to Maddie’s asshole a different way?” Molly stated.
          “What do you mean?” Kelly and Sydney asked.
          “Well, I’m saying if you won’t shove him up your ass and you think he deserves to be in Maddie’s ass. I’m sure we could, I don’t know, drop him into her mouth. She will swallow him without knowing cause she’s passed out, and then Ben will in time be inside of Maddie’s ass. Unless you guys will let me eat him.”
          “I like it Molly,” Kelly said, “So it’s either up Sydney’s ass, or into Maddie’s stomach. Sydney, you decide.”
          “That’s not fair, what if Maddie doesn’t want to eat him,” Sydney proclaimed.
          “Sydney, I was just talking to Maddie’s sister and Mom, and both of them said that if given the opportunity they’d eat Ben faster then he could beg no. Maddie’s Mom said she actually has been waiting for the right moment. So if you don’t give him to Maddie, he’s just gonna go through someone else,” Kelly said.
          Molly pitched in, “Or I can eat him.”
          “Fine,” Sydney yelled, “We will drop him in Maddie’s mouth. With that you saw Sydney’s fingers digging into her buttcrack. She grabbed you and lifted you up. You begged for them to stop. Molly grabbed you and lifted you about her mouth.
          “Me or Maddie?”
          Crying you chose Maddie. You didn’t not want to come through the other end of Molly. But with your answer clear, Molly brought you to Maddie’s mouth, it was parted partly as she as passed out. Molly dropped you in as you fell onto Maddie’s wet tongue. You could feel saliva collecting as her mouth knew of your presence. She started to move you with her tongue. You slowly we’re being maneuvered towards her throat, you could see it clear as day. A drop off going to a pit of pure misery. You couldn’t believe you weren’t the first to go through this journey. Before you knew it her throat grabbed you and you were pulled downwards into her stomach. It was dark, moist, and smelt of alcohol and stomach acid. You knew fighting back would do nothing. At least you were eaten by someone you cared about and didn’t end up in anyone Maddie knew.
          That next morning no one remembered the night before. All they knew was you went missing. Maddie took it hard, but didn’t even know she was pushing her boyfriend out of her ass while taking a morning shit.

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