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The carelessness of humans with the effects of Climate Change.
For those who don't know what a Blitz Poem is, please read below poem.

Dying without reason
Dying by destroying
Destroying our environment
Destroying our mammals
Mammals were thriving
Mammals of the past
Past is gone
Past predicts the future
Future will be toxic
Future belongs to the unborn
Unborn are sickly
Unborn have short lives
Lives suffering
Lives destitute
Destitute fisheries
Destitute fisherman
Fisherman no longer work
Fisherman no longer exist
Exist on poisoned food
Exist without hope
Hope is fading
Hope is a luxury
Luxury is for the wealthy
Luxury is absent
Absent is clean water
Absent is clean food
Food sustains life
Food is our fish
Fish can’t be consumed
Fish brings death
Death is all around
Death is coming
Coming from polluters
Coming from our rivers
Rivers are trash bins
Rivers are disappearing
Disappearing marine life
Disappearing ecosystems
Ecosystems sustain lives
Ecosystems struggling
Struggling Planet
Struggling creatures
Creatures of the world cry
Creatures of world need life
Life needs a miracle
Life needs the oceans
Oceans full of poison
Oceans full of plastic


From the Author:

This form of poetry is a stream of short phrases and images with repetition and rapid flow.

Begin with one short phrase, it can be a cliché. Begin the next line with another phrase that begins with the same first word as line 1. The first 48 lines should be short, but at least two words.

The third and fourth lines are phrases that begin with the last word of the 2nd phrase, the 5th and 6th lines begin with the last word of the 4th line, and so on, continuing, with each subsequent pair beginning with the last word of the line above them, which establishes a pattern of repetition.

Continue for 48 total lines with this pattern, And then the last two lines repeat the last word of line 48, then the last word of line 47.

The title must be only three words, with some sort of preposition or conjunction joining the first word from the third line to the first word from the 47th line, in that order.

There should be no punctuation. When reading a BLITZ, it is read very quickly, pausing only to breathe.
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