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Elections Are All The Same, But There is a Remedy (2nd Place in Journey Thru Genres
This was an entry in "Journey Through Genres: Official Contest in November 2018. I am honored to report that it came in second! This is a 20 Line limerick with a AABBA rhyme scheme.

T'is the election of a lifetime, they proclaim
more of the overblown, hysterical same
One side slings some dirt,
Other side does equal hurt -
until the next predictable play of the voting game

The ads we can't flee are a virtual hoot,
Each says the other is in lowdown cahoots
With each one it's clear
couldn't be plainer this year
I'd like to give both parties the toe of my boot!

They insult us, the citizenry
calling entitlements "benefits," you see
each faction it seems
will squash all our dreams
saved by the right vote, we'll supposedly be!

You can apply this to every two years
Taking advantage, they play on our fears
To hide is a choice
Choose vote, have a voice
Drown the result with a Guinness, some fine beers!

20 Lines

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