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Logan St James is forced to trust his inner animal instincts to reach his true potential

What began as just a typical day for Logan St. James quickly escalated into a terrifying night that changed his life forever. Quiet nerdy Logan is a nice, smart kid who has been dealing with a group of bullies the last six months after his father past away. On the way to school one morning Logan was stopped by the main leader of the group Justin Talon only a few blocks away from the building. He tries to walk away but the others blocked his escape. They began teasing him harshly.

"I wonder if your dead daddy knows what your whore mother does to me at night" Justin said.
Logan gets mad trying to run through them but they push him down and he busts his face on the ground. "I'm your daddy now" Justin shouts as they walk away laughing.

Logan was lying on the ground bleeding and in pain. He looks up and over in the brush in the yard across the street he spots two bright yellow eyes staring at him. He stands up quickly and stumbles backwards afraid. When he looked back the eyes were gone. He thought maybe he hit his head too hard and he was hallucinating. He grabbed his school bag off the ground and walked cautiously away. The eyes appeared again from the dark watching Logan as he scampered off to school.


Logan could not concentrate in class. There was only a few minutes left of school and he kept staring off in space anxiously shaking his leg. A cute young girl who sits next to him noticed his odd behavior. She is a popular cheerleader who as never speaks to him.

"St. James" she whispered. He looked at her.
"Your disturbing my work" she said.
He realized what he was doing and stopped shaking his leg. She turned away facing a small mirror and continued to apply her lipstick.
Logan laughed whispering "what work"?
Something he would normally keep to himself but he said a little too loud.
"Excuse me" she said loudly drawing the attention of the class.
Saved by the bell literally as the bell rung and school was dismissed. Logan quickly grabbed his things and left.

The whole walk home he was thinking about those eyes until he heard chatter that pulled his attention. He looked up noticing it was Justin and his boys. He instantly ran into the park and hid in the brush ducking behind all the trees. Logan was watching them waiting for them to leave until it was safe. As he was watching them walk by he heard a twig snap behind him immediately drawing his attention but he didn't see anything.

He turned his focus back on the guys finding them closer to the exit. The sun was going down and it was slowly getting darker and darker. A distant growl comes from behind him but he ignored the sound while he began to inch his way out of the brush. The sound of more twigs broke and another growl came from next to him even louder. He couldn't ignore what he heard that time and stopped in his tracks. Logan slowly turned his head in the direction of the sound. He could not see anything at first and was squinting trying to make out what it was when he seen movement. Before he could blink something jumped out at him.

Logan fell back onto the ground. When he hit the ground he was so scared he shut his eyes with the belief he was going to die. He can feel hot breath on his skin and the sounds of snarling in his ear. Whatever it is was standing right on top of his chest and Logan could not move a muscle. In the distance he could hear talking, two women were walking by the park. Logan wanted to scream for help but was frozen in fear. However, the women coming closer scared it away not before leaving a mark. Logan screamed in pain grabbing his leg. Now he was able to move and he opened his eyes to look at his leg. His pants was ripped and there was blood soaking through his jeans. He looked around and he made eye contact with the bright yellow eyes again in the dark. He stands up and slowly walks out of the park limping cautiously home.


When Logan gets home he does his best to walk up the stairs to hide his wound from his mother. His mother Diana St. James is a hardworking woman, but has been struggling to raise a teenage boy without her husband. Since her husbands heart attack she can be a bit overbearing worrying about how Logan is coping.
When he reaches his room he shuts the door, and strips to his underwear to look at his leg in the mirror leaning against the wall. There was dried smeared blood up and down his leg and the wound was still seeping blood. He couldn't tell the extent of his injury, so he limped into the bathroom to clean up his leg. When he wiped off the dry blood with a damp rag it revealed four perfect fang marks on his leg.
"What the hell. Did a rapid dog bite me" he said to himself out loud?
He cleaned the area with peroxide, and put ointment on the wound wrapping his leg with an ace bandage.
Logan limped back to his room and put some clothes on. He tried to do homework but he could not concentrate. Those bright yellow eyes shook him to the core.
Wind blew frigid air through his window and he shivered. Logan walked up to the window to shut it and noticed the moon. It was almost full.
"Ow" he said grabbing his head in pain.
An instant head ache came on. It felt like someone was hitting him in the head repeatedly with a hammer. His heart began to race really fast, and he felt a sense of adrenaline rush through his veins.

The sound of Diana's voice calling for him drew his attention away and he felt instantly better like nothing happened. He shut the window and he staggered into the kitchen. Diana was in the middle of making them dinner.
"Sweet heart. We don't have any milk. Can you walk to the store to get a gallon" she asked?
He was in pain walking around on his leg, but he didn't want to tell her what happen so Logan agreed.

Diana walked in the living room with money, and caught him hobbling down the last couple of steps.
"Oh, honey, what happened" she asked"?
"Nothing" he denied of course.
"Are those boys still bothering you" she asked lovingly?
"No, I twisted my ankle in gym. Don't worry about it" he lied to her.

Even though she didn't believe him she stopped pestering him about it.
"Well, you don't have to go to the store. I can go get the milk" she said.
He shook his head no.
"It's fine mom. I'm already dressed".
"Okay" she said hesitantly handing him the money.
"Get a gallon and we need butter. Dinner should be done when you get back".
She gives him a hug before he walks out the door.


Logan makes his way down to the sidewalk, and a big gust of wind blows by making him zip up his jacket more. The sound of the wind echoes in his ear while he looks around, and there is no one in sight. He looks up checking out big gray clouds in the sky covering the moon making it even darker and the wind stops.

The dead silence sends chills down his spine but he continues to walk to the store. Walking slowly toward the end of his block the wind picks back up slamming a screen door. He jumped in terror and then sighed in relief when he realized it was just the wind.
He actually laughed as he walked by "stop being a god damn coward" he recited to himself as he came to a fork in the road.
There is a short cut that can get him to the store faster. It is an alley way where the light keeps flickering off and on making his hair on the back of his neck rise.
"Stop being a coward, stop being a coward" he repeats again.
Against his better judgement Logan decides to walk down the alley. Strolling down reluctantly he looks up at the flickering light hoping it doesn't go out completely regretting every step of the way.

He heard a sound and he quickly stopped. A glass bottle came rolling towards him and he stared but he didn't see anyone. Logan is spooked beginning backing up, as laughter came from all around him. Justin popped out from behind a trash can and the guys surrounded Logan. They were pushing him around. "We missed you after school today" one of the boys said.
Then Justin punched him in the stomach. Logan grabbed his belly keeling over in pain. One of the guys kneed him in the face and Logan falls back onto the ground. His nose began to leak blood, and Justin leans down to whisper in his ear.
"What do you think your pops would say about you now loser".
Justin stood up and spit on him. The guys begin to stomp and kick Logan. All he could do is stare up at the sky thinking about anything else. He begins to lose consciousness as the clouds disperse exposing the light from the full moon on him.

A couple minutes later Logan comes to and he's up on his feet watching Justin and the boys running away. He notices his clothes were ripped and his money was all over the ground. Logan bent down to pick up the money, and he looked up slowly with the light in the alley way still flickering. His eyes views four long claw marks across the cement wall.
At a complete loss at what happened he decided to continue his trip to the store. With is mind preoccupied he grabs a gallon of milk and makes his way back home. Logan thinks there is no hiding what happen to him now. When he walks in the kitchen Diana is busy cooking and Logan plops the milk on the kitchen table sneaking out before she can see him.
"Thank you sweetie" she said as he was walking up the steps.
She turned around to grab the groceries from the table.
"You forgot the butter" she yelled.
When she grabbed the milk she sees red smears on the gallon. With the idea that Logan was lying earlier she put the milk down next to the sink, and walks to the bottom of the stairs.
"Logan" she calls for him.
He is standing in the hallway throwing his ripped bloody clothes down the laundry chute.
"Yeah" he answers surprised like he got caught.
"Dinner is done" she told him.
"Um. I'm not really hungry. I'm actually I'm really tired. Yeah, I'm just gonna go to bed" he said insincere as he let go of the chute door to fake yawn.
Diana heard the laundry chute close.
"Okay, Get some sleep. Hopefully your ankle will feel better tomorrow" she added.
"Goodnight" Logan yelled down.
Diana stood there listening. When she heard his bedroom door shut she went down to the basement, and she pulled out the laundry basket. Diana found his clothes torn up with blood on them. She is beside herself having no idea what to do.


The next morning when Logan woke up he felt different. He stood up from his bed, and realized he couldn't feel pain standing on his leg. He lifted up his pant leg. The bite mark was completely gone. He ran into the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. There wasn't a mark on his face nor any kind of bruises on his body from when the guys jumped him last night.

Logan was absolutely dumbfounded staring at himself in the mirror. Another headache caused Logan to fall knocking shampoo bottles off the edge of the bath tub. He grabbed his head in pain while an image of a hand growing claws out of the finger tips flashed before his eyes. A bang at the bathroom door interrupts his agonizing daydream while he struggles to get up feeling a little disoriented. Diana heard all the noise.
"You okay in there, sweetheart" she asked?
Logan clears his throat "yeah. Yeah, mom. I'm fine".
She has her ear to the door trying really hard to listen.
"Well, okay. I have to leave for work. Don't be late for school" she demanded.

After Diana left for work Logan took his time getting ready for school. The whole walk to school he tried to remember what happened last night in the alley, but it was such a fog. When he finally arrived to school he was late trying to sneak into class. His teacher Mr. Charles was writing on the chalkboard.
"Mr. St. James. So, glad you can join us" he said sarcastically.
He turned around to pull out a hall pass from his desk.
"Ms. Foster would like to see you in her office" he added.
The whole class oooo'd him as if he was in trouble. Logan took the hall pass, and went to the principals office. When he got there Justin was sitting there with his mother. Justin had a bruise on his face and scratch marks on his arm. Justin appeared nervous grabbing his arm covering the scratch. The secretary alerts Ms. Foster that Logan showed up, and she came out to greet him. Justin's mother puts her arm around her son to comfort him giving Logan dirty looks.
"Logan, can I see you in here please" the principal asks?
Unsure what was going on he walks into the room, and sees his mom sitting in the office.
"As you can see I have already been talking with your mother" she said walking behind her desk.
"Have a seat young man" she expressed with disappointment.

Logan sits down next to Diana with a troubled look on his face.
"So, I'm pretty sure you know why your here. Don't you".
Confused Logan answers sarcastically "no. I really don't".
He never talks to adults like that but he couldn't help the small outbursts since he came across them yellow eyes.
Ms. Foster feeling disrespected continued "Look, we take bullying very seriously around here Mr. St. James and we are not going to tolerate that kind of behavior around here".
Logan takes offence and gets boisterous.
"You think I'm the bully" he laughs.
"Mr. Talon and his mother came here this morning with a very interesting story. He claims he was attacked by you but what he described was an animal."
Diana interrupts her.
"Let me stop you right there because my son is the sweetest boy" she argued.
Logan began tuning out their conversation piecing together everything. Starting with the yellow eyes and the bite. The claws and the full moon once the fog cleared up. There's no way it's possible he thought. Diana was still arguing with the principal.
Logan tuned back in to his mom rehashing "those boys have been messing with my son for months and no one stood up for him".
Diana dug in her purse and pulled out Polaroid pictures.
"How do you explain these" she cried as she threw the pictures down on her desk?
Ms. Foster was looking through the pictures.
"I found them in the laundry. If you want to point fingers. You point them somewhere else because we been through enough" Diana was arguing erratically.
Logan stayed out of it as he began to hear Justin speak from the other room with the door closed. It drew his attention away.

"Mom come on. I don't want to be here. Let's just go" Justin pleaded.
Logan quietly turned around, and peaked out the window at Justin through the blinds. Logan caught his gaze, and Justin began to hyperventilate. He kept pointing at Logan not being able to speak. His mother was trying to calm him down but nothing was working. Ms. Foster heard the commotion.
"What's going on now" she said distressed.
She opened the door to see what the problem was. Logan and Diana followed her.
"You -y-y- you didn't see that" Justin stammered?
He pointed at Logan again "h-h- his eyes turned yellow".
Everyone looked at Logan, and his eyes were his usual green eye color. Logan acted like he didn't know what he was talking about and shrugged his shoulders.
"Alright just go" the principal said to Logan and Diana.
Justin's mom spoke out "wait he does this to my kid and your just gonna let him go".
Ms. Foster exhaled tensely.
"Mrs. Talon we have no proof to back up Justin's claims".
Diana interrupted "if anything your son is the bully".
"Mrs. St. James, please" the principal had her secretary escort them out the office.
"We're leaving" Diana said.
"If you want to discuss this further we can go into my office" Logan and Diana overheard as they walked out.
"I can't believe all of that just happened" Diana mentioned to her son as they were walking down the hallway.
Logan agreed.
"So, does that mean I can have the day off".
Diana laughed.
"You wish. You can't just run from you problems Logan. You have to face them head on. Just because things get hard doesn't mean you take a break and that they will go away. The problem will still be there tomorrow".
She was giving him advice while he was walking her to the front doors. He was taking in what she was saying surprised that she wasn't grilling him about almost getting in trouble. The cheerleader from yesterday was walking down the hall and spots Logan with his mom.
"See you home for dinner" she over hears her say to Logan.
He shakes his head yeah and Diana walks out of the building. Logan begins to head back to class.
"Hey, St. James" she calls out.
He stops recognizing her voice.
"What do you want London" he asked?
"I need to talk to you about the way you talked to me in class yesterday" she said with a bitchy attitude. "It was kind of hot" she added changing her tone.
She smiled at him seductively looking at him up and down.
"You seem different" she said.
London tugged on his button up shirt.
"Not so nerdy" she continued to flirt with him.
Logan clamed up a little bit but, he wasn't complaining.
"See you around" she said as she walked away.
Logan was having a good day for once. He couldn't remember the last time he smiled since his father passed away.


The day was half over and Logan was sitting down in the lunch room trying to enjoy his food when the three other guys who hang out with Justin surrounded him. The one kid they call "Brace" because he beat up a kid so bad last year he needed a back brace. He has a big reputation for putting kids in the hospital. He is a year ahead of the rest of them. No one knew why he hung out with Justin. He sat in front of Logan.
"You got Justin suspended freak" he said.
Logan who would usually be afraid of him looked up and continuously stared at him. Brace spoke again. "I'm talking to you freak" he said grabbing a few fries from his plate, and throwing them into Logan's face. "Now I'm not really sure what happened last night or what Justin saw but your gonna pay".
Logan was confused weren't they there too. They didn't see what Justin saw.
"You don't remember what happened last night" Logan asked?
"All I know is we were kicking your ass, and then boom we were on the ground. When we got up Justin was scared out of his mind, and we left. And you will be scared out of your mind when we are through with you."
One of the other guys took out a pencil and snapped it in half to intimidate Logan. He laughed in their faces and got up to walk away. Brace chased after him.
"Hey, you think I'm joking" he said while he grabbed his shoulder.
Instinctively Logan defended himself by grabbing Brace's arm and tossing him on to his back and then stepped on his chest to hold him down. The boys were about to jump in but they were in shock. The heavy sound of Brace hitting the floor echoed in the room and the rowdy students in the lunch room went quiet. The only sound you can hear is Brace in pain wincing trying to get up. The bell rung and Logan ran out of the room embarrassed. The whole rest of the day kids were staring at him in the hall whispering. He wasn't use to the attention. Kids were even afraid to go near him. It's safe to say when school was over he tried to get home as quickly as possible making sure he didn't run into Brace.

When he walked in his house he was all sweaty and he smelled the aroma of dinner in the air. He threw his school bag on the couch and shouted.
"Mom, I know you probably want to sit down and talk about this morning but I had the weirdest day I'm just gonna" he was on his way up the stairs when a male voice interrupted him. Baffled by hearing another voice that was not his mothers he slowly backed down the steps and a man came walking into the living room from the kitchen.
"She's not here. She left out to the shop I'm afraid" the man said with a British accent.
Still confused Logan says "okay, but who the hell are you"?
"I'm Sebastian Barrington" he answers.
"Okay, but why are you in my house" Logan asked him another question hoping to get a clearer answer. "I'm cooking us dinner" he continues to explain in his proper accent.
Logan gives him a perplexed look still not receiving the answer he's looking for.
"I can see that" and he repeats himself getting aggravated.
"WHO ARE you"?
"Oh, I am your mother's boyfriend".


Logan and Sebastian are standing face to face staring at each other. Logan had no idea Diana was even dating let alone was in a serious relationship. Diana walks in the front door interrupting their awkward moment.
"Oh, you two already met" she says skittish.
"Are you going to be a gentlemen and help your mum, son"?
Logan gives him a daunting look.
"I'm not your son" he said while he grabbed the bags angrily from his mom to walk them into the kitchen. With his new hearing ability he listens in on them whispering.
"How did it go" she asked him?
Sebastian exhales "not very well I'm afraid" he answered.
She walks into him placing her hand on his chest to comfort him.
"Give him some time. He will come around".
Logan sneaks out the back door and walks around to the front of the house to spy on them. He peeks through the window and sees them kiss. Logan gets grossed out
"You got to be kidding me " he said out loud.
"What are you looking at" a voice screamed in his ear scaring him.
It was London.
"SHH-SHH" he waved at her to be quiet.
He looked back into the window and seen Sebastian walking towards the door. Logan grabbed London's hand and pulled her around the corner so they wouldn't get caught. When he felt like they were out of sight he stopped and let her go.
"What the hell is going on" she yelled?
Logan was paranoid and kept looking around the corner to make sure he wasn't coming.
"My mom has a surprise boy friend".
She looks at him "so.." she said.
He looked at her feeling offended.
"So..my dad just died" he answered.
London can tell how up set he was so she decided to ask "do you maybe want to go for a walk? Talk a little bit".
He was surprised.
"Yeah" he agreed.

In the beginning it was awkward but London broke the ice.
"So, how close were you and your dad"?
Logan was hesitant to answer at first but he decided to answer.
"My dad was my best friend".
London thought his answer was so cute.
"Aw" she teased him.
Logan felt embarrassed.
" Shut up" he said playful back.
He stopped walking.
"No, but in all seriousness my dad and I did everything together. He taught me a lot. Imagine having two legs to stand on your entire life and suddenly you lose one. It's harder to stand and easier for anything to knock you down".
They stared into each others eyes and began to notice a new side of each other they have never seen before. Logan quickly turned away so the moment didn't turn awkward and he continued walking. London followed soon after. She felt the conversation getting pretty heavy so she changed the subject.
"So, I came over because I heard what happen in the lunch room today. Who knew you had that in you". She stopped him from walking.
"I don't know what it is but there is something attracting me to you".
She leans in to kiss him and as much as he would like to kiss her back he pulls away.
"Why, do you do that" he asked?
She looks at him confused and a little embarrassed.
"We had a good moment and you ruined it. You don't have to try so hard to be this girl. You get a little vulnerable and then the moment you feel scared you act all slutty" he expressed.
She backs away slightly feeling ashamed. He continues his argument.
"You don't have to hide your true self because your actually pretty great" he said sincere storming off.

Logan walked back home slamming the door behind him. Diana was sitting in the living room with Sebastian drinking wine in front of the fire place. Diana quickly gets up "where have you been" she screamed?
"I needed time to myself, okay" he shouted.
Sebastian stands up in defense of Diana.
"That is no way to speak to your mother. Now go up to your room and reflect on your words because you will not eat until you learn some respect".
Logan gives him a dirty look "who the fuck is this guy"?
Diana's eyes widen in shock. She has never heard her son speak like that. Sebastian starts to raise his voice again and Diana stops him.
"Logan go up stairs. PLEASE" she asked?
He caved and stomped up to his room. Sebastian turns to Diana.
"I can't believe you let him talk to you like that".
She gets mad.
"Listen, I can handle my own child. You have no right to butt in and correct my son".
Sebastian looks bored and grabs his coat.
"Diana, I refuse to be yelled at in such a manner. I think it's time for me to go".
"Really one argument and you walk out. Are you kidding me" she asked?
"I'm not walking out. I'm just trying to hold back my anger. I can get. Let's say pretty passionate".
He kisses her on the cheek "we will talk tomorrow" he said.
The sound of thunder claps and it begins to rain. Logan has been sitting at the top of the steps listening the whole time. He watched as Sebastian grabbed his umbrella and he spots that the handle of the umbrella is in the shape of a silver wolf. Logan feels an abrupt rush of terror through his body and Sebastian notices him before he walks out of the house. The way he looked at Logan made his skin crawl and he walked back to his room anxiously.


For hours Logan has just been laying up in his room staring at the ceiling. He can't get the thought out of his head that there is more to this Sebastian Barrington than meets the eye. What bit him out in them woods? He was trying to compare Sebastian's eyes to the eyes that has been appearing to him when a knock at his door broke his concentration. He didn't answer but Diana walked in anyway and sat at the edge of his bed. He tried his best to ignore her but she tickled his foot and he just couldn't help but to laugh. When the tension was gone she asked "so, what happened today"?
His smile fades to a frown and he shrugs his shoulders.
"He's a really good guy" she explains. He stays quiet.
"He's never going to replace your dad".
"I know" he said.
"Will you promise to give him a chance" she asked?
Logan dozed off daydreaming about the yellow eyes, Sebastian's umbrella and a wolf running towards him.
"Hey" Diana said.
He jumped up "yeah, I'll give him a chance" he agreed.
Diana smiles "okay, I love you" she reassured him.
"Love you too".
"Good night" she said as she was leaving out the room.
As soon as she closed the door Logan jumped up and went on his computer to do a Google search on Sebastian. He found that he is from Suffix, England and he took the bar exam in New York City. He had no family listed or previous jobs he's had before working for the law firm his mom works for. That's strange he thought but there was an address listed. 2484 Silver Lake Lane. He was going to go there tomorrow he thought. During all the research he's doing his eyes begin to close and his body began to shut down. He laid his head on his desk and passed out.

In such a deep sleep Logan began to dream that he's running through some woods when a loud sound woke him up. He looked around the room disoriented and he heard the sound again. It came from the window so he got up to look. It was London throwing small rocks at his window. Logan put on some clothes and walked down stairs. Diana was in the kitchen and she heard him come down.
"Let the young lady outside know that next time she can use the door bell".
Logan rolls his eyes and walks outside.
"What are you doing here" he asked?
"Can we please talk" she pleaded?
He stood there thinking about it. He gives in and nods his head yes.
"So, I thought about it and your right. I do put on this act but I don't want to be that girl anymore. Especially, not with you. I like you" she admits.
"I don't know when or where..." he interrupts her.
"The only reason you like me is because" he stops.
"Because why" she asks anxiously?
"Can I trust you" he asked her?
London was taken back by the question "of course" she answered feeling offended.
Logan takes her hand and they walk to the park and he shows her the area where it all happened. She looks confused.
"I don't understand".
"The only reason you like me is because" he stops again afraid to admit it out loud.
She's still anxious waiting for him to finish "because".
"Because I am a werewolf" he finally admitted it.
London began to laugh until she noticed that he was being serious.
"Oh, come on" she said.
Still letting out a chuckle.
"You can't really be serious".
He looks at her and his eyes change from his green eyes to an ember gold color. She is startled at first but she's not afraid. She walks up to him and she caresses his cheek.
"Your not scared" he asked?
She shook her head no "you are still you" she mumbled.
After the shock wore off she had questions.
"Have you always been like this"?
His eyes turned normal and he walked over to the brush where he was attacked.
"No. A few days ago I was being followed by these creepy ass yellow eyes and the other day I was hiding in here from Justin and whatever was following me attacked me and I got bit. Now I'm this."
While Logan was telling London the story he was bent down looking for clues.
"So, what do you think bit you" she asked?
"Not what but who" he answered?
She bent down next to him "who" she asked confused?
He looked at her "I think my mom's boyfriend is the wolf that bit me".
She gets a little dizzy and she stands up "whoa" she said grabbing her head.
He stood up quickly to catch her when she lost her balance. He helps her to a bench to sit.
"This is too much to throw at you let me take you home" he said.
She shook her head no "what are you going to do about your moms boyfriend" she asked?
"I got an address. I'm going to start there".
"We" London said. He looks at her.
"We are going to start there. It's time for you to trust me now" she said reassuring.
He smiles and he helps her up so, they can check out Sebastian's place.


Logan and London steps off a bus a few blocks away from the address. Walking around the neighborhood was already giving them a creepy vibe. It was a gloomy rainy late afternoon. The sky was gray and full of clouds. No sun was shinning through at all. There were leaves all over the ground leaving all the trees bare. London was a little scared and she grabbed Logan's hand to hold it. They were both looking around for the address but they had trouble finding it. Until they get to a dead end.
"Of course it would be the last house on the street" London said.
They began to walk around towards the back and the wind picks up blowing an old tire swing hanging from next door. The squeak of the rusty chains did not help ease their nerves. The place seemed to be abandoned. There was vine growing up the side of the house and there was dust all over the windows. They crept up the back steps and Logan used his sleeve of his jacket to wipe dirt of the back door window so he can look in. He peeked in and seen that it was leading into the kitchen. He didn't see anyone so, he tried slowly opening the door knob. When he began to slowly open the door a loud bang made them jump and London screamed. Logan covered her mouth.
"Shh" he whispered.
They look over and it is a chubby squirrel eating a nut on top of the trash can. They both started to laugh. Some of the tension was lifted off their shoulders. They both continued to walk in shutting the door behind them.
"There is so much dust in here" Logan said wiping dust off the kitchen table with his finger.
There was missing furniture and it was pretty dark. They made their way into the living room and London opened up the curtains to let a little light in. They walked up the wooden stairs making a sound with every step they took.
"Yeah, there is no way someone lives here" London said.
"I don't think anyone lived here in years" Logan answered her back.
They looked through all the rooms and found nothing. There was no bed, no running water and old dressers with no clothes.
"This was a complete waste of time" Logan said while they were walking back down stairs.
"I'm confused why is this place the only listing for him" she said.
Logan shrugged his shoulders "and why is it abandoned"?
Light from outside reflected off of a silver frame and it caught Logan's eye.
"Wait" he said as he walked over to the mantle.
He noticed that it was been moved before.
"Look" he said and pointed out the spot with no dust to London.
He grabbed it and when he turned it over there was a key taped to the back.
"What do you think it goes to" she asked?
Logan shrugged his shoulders "well, we never checked the basement yet" he mentioned.

When they walked by the window to go to the basement Brace was just standing there watching them with an evil smirk on his face. They find a door pad locked.
"This has to be the basement" he said.
When Logan opened the door it was so dark they couldn't see a thing. Logan turns to London "you got a lighter" he asked?
She sucks her teeth "do I look like I smoke" she said.
He rolls his eyes "you never know with you cheerleaders".
He changes his eyes to his wolf vision so he can see in night vision. He reaches out for London's hand and she takes his easily in blind faith. They step down carefully one step at a time not knowing what they would run into. When they reached the bottom Logan scanned the room and seen the close was clear. He realized they were standing underneath the light bulb and he pulled the chain. When the lights came on it revealed a room full of filing cabinets. They opened up a few drawers full of old cases and records on people going back 100's of years.
"We don't have time to look through all this shit" Logan said.
London spotted a lock box on the desk and she decided to open it. There were pictures of Diana and Logan inside.
"Logan, look at this" she said.
She hands him the pictures "is this enough proof" she asked?
"Not bulletproof".
London looks through the paperwork on his desk and comes across a one way plane tickets to England for Sebastian, Diana and Logan.
"Logan" she yelled.
"What the hell" he said while grabbing the tickets from her.
"I take it you had no idea about this little trip" she asked? Logan gets mad "I'm done with this. It's time to confront this asshole".
Not really worried about making noise they run up the steps and leave through the kitchen door and when he least expected it the guys sneak attack them. Brace's minions trip Logan and pick him back up holding him from each arm in front of Brace.
"You really think I was kidding loser" he said as he punched Logan in the stomach.
His feet buckled from under him but the guys were still holding him up. London runs to help Logan and Brace yells "grab her".
Justin comes from behind Brace and he is holding London by both her arms. Brace points his finger in Logan's face.
"Nobody embarrasses me like that" he hits him in the face with all his might and blood began to dribble out of his mouth.
London screams "no, stop it".
She keeps trying to shake loose from Justin. They were confused on how Brace was even hurting him. He had a silver ring on his finger that was pure silver. Logan realized that all the other silver things he's touched weren't real. He hit Logan in the face again and then grabbed his face "look at me" he screamed.
While he's holding his face the ring begins to burn him. He cries out.
"Logan" London screams.
She lifts up her leg and stomps on Justin's foot.
"Ow" he yelled throwing London down to the ground.
Everyone watched as her head hits a rock and she doesn't appear to be moving. Logan begins getting angry growling and snarling. As soon as Justin hears those sounds he runs away. Logan's eyes begin to change has he continues to growl. Brace is frozen in fear as Logan continues to completely change. He has the strength to throw both guys holding him five feet in the air. Pee begins to drip down Brace's leg and Logan swipes at him with his claws. Brace falls to the ground holding his chest as he starts to bleed out. Logan gets down on all fours and he saunters over to London. He smells the blood in the air and he whimpers nudging her with his nose. When she doesn't move he howls mournfully. Sebastian came across his mind and he easily turned his grief into revenge. He took off running quickly in full werewolf form all the way home.


Diana and Sebastian were sitting in the living room cuddled up under a blanket in front of the fire place. "I'm glad we worked things out" she said.
He smiled pulling her in close.
"Diana, I have to return to England".
She sits up "what" she answered confused?
"What will happen to us" she continued.
"I want you to come with me" he said.
She looked surprised but joyed. She was hesitant but when she began to answer Logan jumped right through the front window changing back into his human form. Glass was shattered every where and Diana and Sebastian got up from off the couch really fast unable to fathom what was going on. Logan was standing right in front of Sebastian with ripped pants half naked. Before he could even speak Logan grabbed his umbrella sitting up against the couch with the silver wolf handle and pierced Sebastian in the heart. Sebastian grabs the umbrella that is protruding out of his chest and falls down on his back. Logan was standing over his body relieved trying to catch his breath. Diana screamed and ran over to Sebastian.
"What did you do? What did you do"?
Logan trying to justify his actions "he was a werewolf, mom".
"What are you talking about " she said.
Logan continued "I know it sounds crazy but he bit me".
Diana cuts him off "he wasn't the wolf" she said.
"What" Logan said confused?
She turned and looked at him and her eyes were bright yellow. He staggers back and falls hitting his head on the floor.
"You killed an innocent man sweetheart".
He starts shaking his head "no" he cried.
His heart starts beating really fast and another excruciating head ache came on. He grabs his head "no" he screams again.
He starts hearing a slight sound. He keeps fading in and out between his mother and this sound. It sounds like a beep. It's getting louder.
"You have to accept this gift sweet heart it's not a curse" Diana continued to say.
His heart beat continues to race and he crawls up into the fetal position screaming "no" again.
The beep is becoming more frequent and his heart beat is getting faster. He keeps repeating the word no over and over again. He stops and all he can hear is that same loud beep again. He opens his eyes and all he can see is bright light. It hurts him. A man walked over to Logan and he blinks a couple times "dad" he said.
The man nodded his head yeah. "Your mother is here too".
Diana walked up. "Where am I" he asked?
Sebastian came into the room and Logan became mortified.
"I'm Dr. Barrington Mr. St. James. How are you feeling" he asked?
Logan looks puzzled "a little confused, I guess" he answered.
"Your in the hospital, son" Dr. Barrington said.
Logan slowly sat up and looked over. The patient next to him looked like Justin. Dr. Barrington pulled the curtain over to give them some privacy. London walked into the room and Logan got excited. The doctor demanded "nurse, check the patients vital signs".
When the nurse walked closer to Logan he leans over and says "you don't remember me".
The nurse smiled "of course, Mr. St. James I been caring for you the past few days".
The nurse gave the doctor Logan's chart and walked out. Logan was still confused every thing that he has been through seemed so real.
"What happened" he asked?
His dad began to tell him "we were in an accident. A wolf ran out into the road and I swerved".
His dad got up set "I should never had swerved".
Diana comforted him.
"You had a pretty bad concussion. You have been unconscious for the last few days."
Logan is still confused "but I was a werewolf and you were dead and.."
Diana cut him off "you need to rest" she said.
Dr. Barrington pulled Logan's dad out of the room to talk to him in private. Logan and Diana was left in the room alone.
"So, none of that was true" Logan said out loud.
Diana walked over to the window and shut the blinds.
"I wouldn't say that".
Diana turned around quickly and her eyes were yellow giving Logan a mischievous look.
Logan's eyes widen and he let out a nightmarish howl.


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