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a new poem
Mind, body, and Soul

You asked me not to leave you,
to stay here and never be blue,
to do anything else would be too much to bear,
to give you anything less, just would not be fair.
I have never felt this so strong as when I'm with you.
You put happiness where it was not,
into that particular slot
that has been empty for so long,
that it became nothing more than a thought.

So I sit and wait,
staring at the screen,
will this be a date?
Or would I be considered mean
if I had gone to do something, maybe clean
or maybe this would be considered a talk?
But all I do is sit and gawk,
is that ok
or would someone say I stalk?

I am now happy,
I haven't felt like this in a while,
now instead of frown, I smile,
especially when I think of you for a while.
I try not to make it seem like I'm sappy,
while also trying not to be snappy,
but in truth, it's hard to do,
especially when all I want to do is love and protect you.

You are the wind in my sails,
you are the sea on which I cast off,
for foreign soils,
all the things we can see,
stagger my mind
and make me think of winning the day with you,
and all the spoils that go with it.
I know that with you I am
and always will be complete and whole,
in my mind, body, and soul.
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