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Night time.
At nightfall, I sparkle and come alive.
I wish to be with the lady of the night.
Her embrace covers me like second skin.
As the people sleep, I wish them happy dreams.
As I crawl the night, the day isn't what it seems.

The stars are alive yet silent. Watching upon us.
The clock ticks away the time I spend thinking.
The lady of the night, gives love for those who are singing.
On the other side of the world, people working.
I chant to the night and its silence, I am all but alone.

The lady of the night is calming, no threat.
A bundle of joy, once met. Casting her net.
The bosom of the night is a world uncharted.
The silence is powerful, no sleep, no regret.
I fear the bright Sun in the morning.

So if during the deep night.
You feel so alone.
Remember the lady of night time is yours.
She watches and waits, she has all the hours.
In the dawn she goes as the world arise ....

Never you fear, coz she lives in your eyes.
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