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About the man.
The man himself once lived among us.
Building churches to celebrate his life.
He ruled the Earth with the softest touch.
We turn to him when life's too much.

A clever man who roamed the Earth.
His soul and love he gives to birth.
Undisputed, the leader and Lord.
No weapons he used, nor gun nor sword.

His speech is highest, powerful and true.
Its documented in the Bible, for me and you.
I wish I had met him, feeling his power.
I trust him more now that I grow older.

He had no rival, no regret nor shame.
I salute this here man and worship his name.
Even today, he still rules the world.
A winner not sinner, the truth he fore told.

I could say more of this man's genius.
But other religions will get in a fuss.
I truly believe that Jesus once lived.
He was there at my birth when I was a kid.

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