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by Paul
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He gets rid of one model and immediately finds another.
I had to get a new car. I’ve been driving the same model since I bought it used in 1968. Don’t laugh, I only paid $275 for it and I’ve kept it up so it’s worth a bit more now to collectors. It’s a 1958 Edsel Citation convertible with a 427 engine. I love that car with the push button transmission on the steering wheel, the rotating speedometer, everything about it. And it is a convertible. I was married to her.

I’ve never been a crazy driver and I maintain it so it’s in good condition. I can’t afford the gas any more. Even keeping my foot light on the pedal the best I get is 14 MPG, but the average is between 11 and 12 so my 15K miles a year cost me over $5,200 in gas. I put a small add for it on line and had a dozen responses in a day. I answered them and got a flood, 42 in 3 days.

Collectors are avid about what they want and will pay ridiculous prices. A friend helped me set up an auction site and the feeding frenzy we generated was spectacular. In 4 hours it was up to $64,750 and stayed there for another hour until an Australian buyer jumped it to $75,000. I queried everyone and got no response. He’s having it picked up tomorrow, but his agent paid me today which is why I’m here at the Tesla dealer.

They’re selling me a 2018 model S for $75,000 and the equivalent MPG is 89 to 90. I have solar panels so it’s free as long as my trips are under 350 miles, $650 a year if I pay.

I thought it would be harder, but after a quickie divorce I’m already married again.
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