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Thanksgiving is truly thanksful when it is a year round activity.
Thank you, Lord, for daily air.
Thank you for your truest care.
Thank you for Salvation bought.
Thank you for the lost ones sought.

Thank you for the world that spins.
Thanks for walking among men.
Thank you for th'eternal Day,
so made by the word you say.

Gratitude is ever new.
Gratitude points all to you.
Gratitude for all you've made.
Gratitude for truth obeyed.

Thanksgiving one day each year.
Thanksgiving for God, Who's dear.
Thanksgiving for hopeful heart.
Thanksgiving your grace imparts.

Peace of heart
Peace of mind
Peace of trusting
One, Who's kind.

Hope of life
past the grave.
Hope for souls
You would save.

Thank you for commitment strong.
Thank you for th'eternal song.
Thank you for the God, Whose Love
molds us for the life Above.

by Jay O'Toole
on November 20th, 2018

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