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Writer's Cramp Entry
This poem is entered in "The Writer's Cramp.

Here is the prompt: You must begin your story or poem with the following line:

"I was standing under the mistletoe..."

I was standing under the mistletoe...
a blue ribbon wrapped around my horn
would someone stop and kiss me?
I wondered if they'd brave the scorn

To even hug a bull is not the norm, you see
in a world narrow-minded as this one undoubtedly is
Imagine the ridicule arising
from the momentum of a tender bovine kiss

The jokes would flow quite clearly
In my mind, I hear them with ease
Hoof in mouth would be readily bandied about
Same with that old staple, mad cow disease

If a human dare come near me
in the spirit of the holiday
I'd try my best not to drool upon them
or knock them over with my sway

I have some magic powers at play today
did I think to mention them as I moo?
I am more than just a writing bull
who belongs in a barn or petting zoo...

My gratitude would know no earthly bounds
If a soul would be so good and kind
to kiss me under the mistletoe here
a true love's kiss, very soon, they'd find

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