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In a giantess filled world, tinies are used and sold as snacks to everyone, including pets
          You looked around very fast. You could hear other people moaning, crying, and screaming. You were in a tiny factory, where people were packaged into labeled containers and shipped and sold to people all over the country. After a while, a light appeared, and you and a group of about 30 people were corralled into a different container. Here you were all dropped into a smaller container that was then sealed except a few holes for us to breathe and then we were boxed up and shipped. We had no idea what container we were in, but the fate for almost every tiny was the same. We were to be eaten. Some people were used for other pleasures, but that was rare.
          After hours of being in our box we heard it being opened. As light showed in we all saw what our containers said. Dog treats. People freaked out, one man stood up and shouted, “I am not going to be eaten by damn dog.” We were opened up and put onto shelves in a grocery store. Our location was unknown, but we knew that it didn’t matter, people would be taking us off the shelf in no time, only to be fed to dogs. You watched as people came and went grabbing other containers with people freaking out. The worst part was you were in a pet smart, and people brought their dogs with them. People win ankle biters had it easy. They usually died instantly from the dog because they’d have to bite into the people, but every once in a while a big dog would come in and people would watch as they panted, big tongues out, throats showing, and a blank look. Nothing made tinies feel more worthless then knowing they’d be dog food.
          Finally, our container was picked. The owner didn’t have their pets with them, but it was a younger girl about 20 years old with brown hair, a toned body, and a beautiful face. She looked at the treats and finally grabbed our box. She looked inside judging all of us, she finally said, “oh the dogs are going to love you guys.”
          After what felt like a short car ride you arrived at the girls house. She walked in with her groceries and other bags from running errands. Finally, you heard her say, “Mom, guess what I got the dogs.” With that, the container with you and the other was lifted out of a bag. Eyes were looking at you with curiosity. Her mom was a skinny blonde, about 50 years old with glasses and a few wrinkles. She looked at the you and the others.
          “They are for the dogs? Why don’t we just eat them?” She asked.
          “No, if you want to eat people you can go buy your own,” the brunette said, she then yelled, “Puppers! Who wants a treat?”
          Everyome started freaking out and pushing each other trying to get away to being the first victims. Then we saw them, a black lab and a beagle came around the corner. They both came and sat right at the brunettes feet. She opened the container and you watched as her hand entered and grabbed a couple. That’s when the horrifying part came. She tossed the man in the air and the black labs mouth opened wide showing its throat and long pink tongue. The man landed in the mouth and before anything else could happened the dog swallowed.
          “Good girl,” the mom said. You knew things weren’t looking bad, you had a dog that didn’t like to taste it’s treats, just gulp and gone. Then you watched as the woman was set down on the ground for the beagle. The woman tried to run but then a tongue pushed her down, licked her up, then bit down. Sadly, she just broke a leg and was swallowed as well. The brunette started petting them showing their belly’s. You couldn’t imagine being in there, yet you knew that you were going to have the same fate sooner or later.           Later that day, the dogs were let outside, your container was set up on the window sill. You watched as the black lab squatted and a big brown turn came oit. That was your fate. You didn’t want to be dog shit, you needed to do something.

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