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Someone is taking Santa to court,but who? A little short for the spirit of the Holiday.
The Trial of Good Ole St. Nick

Once upon a time in a little ole town called Jingle Rock lived a small eight year old little boy named Timmy Townes who was in love with the magical jubilee of Christmas. Last year he only wanted one thing; a puppy! Unfortunately, Santa had not given him the present he had asked for. He was instantly sad and up set with Kris Kringle. He went to his room laid on his bed and cried “why? Why, Santa I was a very good boy this year?” until a thought popped into his head. He sat up wiped his eyes preceded by a sniffle “I’m going to sue Santa Claus” he said with conviction. He turned and grabbed his teddy bear with a slight rip in his tummy “come on Theodore we have some planning to do” he said running off as stuffing fell from his teddy.

For an entire year Timmy has been in his room with markers and crayons sorting out his plan. “What do you think so far”? he asked. Theodore was sitting across from him and Timmy was waiting for an answer. “You’re right” he said. “It’s not a good idea”. He grabbed a green marker and began to cross out everything he wrote down. “I need to start from scratch” he jumped up and looked at the calendar on his wall counting down the days until Christmas; it was only July. “I still got time” he said. A scream came from downstairs “TIMMY”. It was his mother “time for dinner” she called out. His stomach rumbled and he rubbed his belly. He was faced with a decision. “Come on Theodore, we will continue after we eat” he said as he grabbed the teddy bear from his arm.

After dinner Timmy ran back to his room with Theodore “okay, where were we” he had a sinister tone to his voice. While concocting his plan he sat at the edge of his bed studying the movie Home Alone. “Theodore, why is Macaulay Culkin so cool?” he asked as he watched closer to learn more tricks. He began to get into the movie and his revengeful intentions began to ease up while he preceded to laugh at the film. “Time for bed Timmy” his mother yelled. “Aw, mom” he said disappointed. “Mr. Townes you listen to your mother” his father scolded. Timmy rolled his eye “come on Theodore, let’s go brush our teeth” he said. While he was brushing his teeth his brain sparked an idea. His eyes widen and he swished water in his mouth. He spit it out “that’s it” he said to himself in the mirror. “Who’s cooler now Macaulay” he said smiling.

A few months later Timmy decided to put his vengeful plot to the side to celebrate Halloween. He went trick r treating as Charlie Brown. Of course, his baby brother went as Snoopy and everyone thought he was so cute. It made him gag. People have been fond of him since he was born last year on Christmas Eve. The next day it was back to business “we got a little over a month. Theodore is everything all set”. He grabbed some items from his closet putting things together. “If I can’t this right the plan is not going to succeed” he told the bear. “Ugh” he tried and tried but struggled. He was at this all day and night and he could not get it together. His eyes began shutting on him. “Tomorrow is another day” he said aloud. A rift in his plan was created because he could not create his trap without the right tools and his father would not allow him to use his tools.

A few weeks later it was Thanksgiving. He helped his mother in the kitchen and watched football with his father enjoying the Holiday. At this moment he had given up on the entire ordeal until he saw him. Everyone was stuffed from eating turkey dinner watching the Macy’s day parade. A shrill look over took Timmy’s face “look Theodore. There he is.” It was Mr. And Mrs. Claus happy smiling and waving to the people from the float. That angered Timmy which inspired him to work harder. “That’s it” he shouted aloud waking his little brother. Timmy’s parents looked at each other in confusion and the baby cried. Timmy’s mother slightly pushed Timmy out of the way to check on him and Timmy ran up the steps slamming his bedroom door. He sat Theodore down on the bed forcefully “who does he think he is. Smiling like he didn’t do anything wrong”. He leans into Theodore’s face “the plan is back on. We have three weeks to pull this off”.

It is Christmas Eve and Timmy’s parents are tucking him in to bed. “Remember Timmy Santa won’t come until your sleeping” his mother claimed. “Yeah, and the faster you fall asleep the faster Christmas morning will come” his father added. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and his father switches the light off. Timmy grabs Theodore cuddling him closely “don’t let me fall asleep Theodore” he said. Five minutes pass and he nods off to sleep unexpectedly but a few hours later he was awaken to the sound of noise on the roof. He looked over at the clock and it read 11:45. He jumped out of bed with Theodore and crept down stairs. When he got to the living room the tree was lit and there was already presents under the tree. He looked at the plate of cookies and they were half eaten. He scratched his head in confusion. Was Santa already here he thought. Sound came from the fire place and he was startled. He watched debris trickle down the fire place “Santa” he said with a corrupt smile and he went to hide.

Something landed at the bottom of the fire place and a puff of dust blew out and a man in a bright red suit walked out coughing. Timmy’s eyes widen in amazement he could not believe his eyes. The man looked around and walked over to the tree. He pulled out two nice sized presents out of a sack and placed them neatly in the back under the tree. He continued to cough and walked over to the plate of cookies. He shook his head “parents--they never leave me any cookies any more. At least they didn’t drink the milk”. He drank the last drop of milk and began walking over to the fire place when Timmy screamed charging at him. He was frightened and didn’t know what to do. Timmy began running around him wrapping Santa up in Christmas lights until he lost his footing and he hit his head on the floor.

When he woke up flashing colored lights were shining in his eyes. He tried to move but he was tied to a chair. He squinted trying to look beyond the flashing but he could only see blurry images. Then the lights go out and Timmy is standing in front of him staring dead into his eyes. “Timmy Townes what is the meaning of this” he asked? “Well, well, well, Santa Claus came to town and I came to play”. Santa looks puzzled. “So, Mr. Claus. If that’s even your real name. Last Christmas do you know where you were”? “Um, flying around the world dropping off good sleeping young children presents of course” he answered. Timmy got angry “no. You were here not giving me my new puppy. I asked you for a puppy; that’s all I wanted” he pleaded. Santa cleared his throat “well, Timmy not every little boy and girl can get what they want” he said. “Oh really” Timmy said. He looked over to Theodore sitting on his little brothers high chair “Judge Theodore. May I start my questioning”? he asked. Timmy turns back to Santa “so, Mr. Claus is it not true that good kids deserve presents on Christmas”? He answers “well, yes, Timmy that’s our motto”. Timmy shakes his head in agreement “and was I not a good boy all last year” he asked? “You were a very good boy last year” Santa answered. He looks over to his left and all his stuffed animals were lined up “I was a very good boy last year. You heard it here ladies and gentlemen of the jury”. He turns back to Santa “so, why didn’t I get my puppy” he demanded. A frightened Santa Claus stutters “I don’t know he admitted”. Timmy looks at him suspiciously “was there any reason particular that I didn’t deserve the puppy” he asked? Santa answers again “no” he sounded ashamed. “Well, there you have it.” He looks over to his bear for approval and then to the jury for their agreement “and the I’s have it. Mr. Santa Claus we the people find you guilty”. In the middle of the sentencing the over head light to the living room came on. “Timmy what are you doing” his father said rubbing his eyes.

“I have Santa Claus. I’m suing him for not giving me a puppy last year” he began explaining. When he looked back Santa was gone and there was a pile of Christmas lights on the chair. His father laughed “come here, son” he said as they had a seat on the couch. “Listen Timmy, I don’t want to ruin Christmas for you but….Santa Claus isn’t real. He’s a children story. Your mother and I buy you your gifts.” Timmy seems confused “but I seen him, I had him tied up right there” he tried to defend himself. “Timmy I know it has been hard on you since your brother was born and as for your puppy I’m sorry buddy but it is just too much responsibility with the baby. You understand, right?” he asked. He looks upset “Yeah, I understand” he agreed. “Come on, let’s get this stuff cleaned up and go to bed” his father said. Timmy and his father cleaned up his toys and they went to bed and in the morning they had a wonderful Christmas. Timmy never asked for a puppy again and his father never mentioned anything to his wife about that night.

Twenty years later Timmy is now a lawyer happily married with three kids and it is Christmas morning. All their kids had opened there presents but there was still one big one left that had from Santa written on it but no name for who it was for. “Honey, do you remember wrapping that one” he said and she shook her head. His oldest child started to pull it out from under the tree when a puppy poked his head out and barked. “A puppy” the kids scream Timmy and his wife looks at each other confused. “Sweetie, he’s so cute. You didn’t tell me you were surprising us with a puppy” his wife said as she took him out of the box. They began playing with the puppy when Timmy grabbed the box and to investigate. A little note fell out. He picked it up and it read

I’m sorry he’s so late but better late than never.

Timmy smiled. He put the note into his pocket “I knew it” he said to himself and he ran over to his family to play with the puppy he finally received from good ole Saint Nick.
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