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The Story is all about a boy called Ace adventuring the big world. Will he survive?
Sword Quest: Chapter 1

The Haunted Forest

I woke up, just to hear a doorbell ring. As I rushed to open it, i tripped over the messy laundry on the floor, but I still got up and opened the door. I didn't see anyone, but when I looked down I saw a box and I thought ''who would send a package to me?'' But then I saw the name of the sender, ''Lily? I mean she doesn't send me packages that much.'' But I didn't let that get into my mind, though I was ready to open the package. So I brought the box into my house closing the door behind me hard. ''Now this looks really big!'' I thought to myself. And then I opened it really quickly just to see a.. ''Wooden sword!?'' I was really confused, but I saw a really shiny gem on the handle. ''Hmm, this gem looks familiar.." but then I realized, It was an upgradable gem! ''that means the sword can be upgraded!'' I was so excited. These gems we really rare in our village! But.. to upgrade it I needed to defeat a couple of wild monsters. I was nervous since the wild monsters can attack back if they were damaged, and some even were just stuck up aggressive.. But either way I needed to keep this sword safe from any strange person since it was a rare one. So I grabbed the sword handle tight with my hands, and thought to myself ''You can do it, you can do it, just go out in the forest and slay some wild monsters.'' But even without thinking a second more, I ran out the door quickly as possible and dashed up the path to the forest.

When I made it to the forest I quickly saw a wild boar ahead. ''Heh! These wild ones should be an easy one!'' I thought to myself. And then I pulled out the sword and dashed up to the boar, and then i.. ''Slained it!?'' It was that easy.. Heh well of course I could've done it! But I didn't realize that a twig just fell on me. ''Huh? That's weird, how can a twig fall of a tree that easily!?'' But then I heard a voice near my back. '' Your one of the nervous ones ey?'' I slowly turned around.. just to see an tree with a face? ''How about I slay you human?! Attacking other wild animals isn't nice you know!?'' He talked really angry right into my face.. but I just stayed silent and didn't answer.. ''So now your scared ey!? Scared like a pussy cat, right?!'' Though when he said that, I flinched and quickly pulled out my sword. ''Whoah! Are you insane!?'' he said, but I didn't care, and then cut him into two halves. But before realizing what I did, I saw the sword change into the material, ''Stone'' I didn't have anything to say.. though I felt like he was gonna kill me. Then I just thought ''Welp, I did it I guess.. though he was dangerous either way..'' Then I just walked home quickly, as I saw the sun going down slowly.

Chapter completed.

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