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This crime is well beyond the normal comprehension of the every day average mind.
This crime is well beyond the normal comprehension of the every day average mind. You may think that I'm making all of this up, but this heinous act actually happened. There was only one eyewitness to this crime, and I'll try to tell his side of the story for you all. His name Is Mr. X, and I'll just use an initial to protect his identity, in case we have to go through the court system with this case. Mr. X is at least 86 years old, so it's always possible that his eyesight isn't the best anymore, but I feel in this case it's probably accurate enough. So let me now begin to try to explain the circumstances of what just took place, by explaining what our key eye witness Mr. X saw on this fateful day.

It was an average day like just any other day, and the sun was high up in the sky. Yes this crime took place in broad day light. Mr. X said he was sitting in his rocking chair on his porch, when he noticed a dark shadowy figure moving slowly through the woods. He couldn't quite make out who it was at first, but then the figure came slowly into view as it slowly approached the fence in our back yard. Mr. X said he didn't recognize who this was, and never saw them before, or since this crime took place. Mr. X said they then brazenly broke through the fence in our back yard, by digging a crude hole underneath the fence in the far back corner near the woods. He said they knew exactly what they were after, and went right to the spot where it was sitting in our back yard.

They looked all around to see if it the coast was clear, when all of a sudden they paused after they noticed that Mr. X was looking at them. However this didn't even deter them from their theft. They snatched up our little one's favorite toy, and then ran as fast as they could back to the hole in the fence, where they escaped never to be seen or heard from again. Now I realize it was just a toy, but our little one was really attached to this one particular toy, and has really been depressed ever since it disappeared. I'm not saying that it cost a lot of money, but it's really the principal of it all. If something doesn't belong to you, then you shouldn't just take it, especially without asking first.

The only description we have of this thief is from Mr. X. He figured that the thief weighed somewhere around one hundred pounds. Mr. X said that the thief was a young male with shifty, brown eyes who had short, black hair, that was well groomed, except for being covered in some dirt from crawling through the hole underneath the fence. Mr. X said that the only thing which really stood out about this thief was that he had one white ear, one brown ear, and the tip of his tail was white as well. Mr. X also noted that he'll never forget that bark.

Yes, the thief was a sneaky little dog, and our little Fluffy really misses her favorite chew toy. It really doesn't matter if a thief has two or four legs, because stealing is stealing, and that's just plain wrong! So if you see anyone matching this description carrying a purple chew toy around in their mouth, please give us a ring. There will be a big reward for any information leading to the arrest, and conviction of this thief. Thank You!

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