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People love road trips! Though this was one that no one would like to experience.
We jumped into the car, and we finally drove off on an road trip.

''Mom? Why are we even having a road trip this really early in the morning?'' Asked my sister. ''Well, we didn't have one in a while! I thought we can wake up early, and then dress up, just to go on a road trip! Said my lovely mother while driving the car at a slow speed. ''But mom... we didn't dress up at all... we're still in our dirty clothes..'' Said my sister, The mother realized the tragedy, but didn't care and still drove off to the destination. ''Mom, also where are we going?'' I asked quickly before we reached another red light, ''To a campsite!'' Answered the mother. ''Wait an campsite? We're going to sleep there with all the wolves, bears an- wait.. which campsite are we going to exactly?'' I asked and started waiting for an answer. ''Well the safest campsite of all! The family campsite!'' She said loudly. ''So that's what it's called? Kinda a boring name if you ask me..'' I said with an lazy voice, ''Dear.. I made the name up.. I don't know exactly what it's called....'' The mother told the truth, and then I asked ''Wait so.. Does it mean it could be dangerous?'' ''Well im not sure dear... But I know it's gonna be exciting!'' She didn't even think about her decision. ''Mom? Could you atleast go to an another campsite? There could be safer campsite!'' And before she realized what I meant she said ''Well, it's a free one! That means it could be safe!'' I wanted to say something to that but I realized, this would just make the talk longer, so i stayed quiet.

Finally we made it to the campsite, my mother quickly ran to the best location she can find to set up the tents. ''Wait, so mum? You had enough time to put the tent inside the car.. But you didn't give us enough time to change atleast?'' I asked, ''Well sorry dear.. But we needed it!'' I shook it off, atleast she rembered to get something. Anyways now it was night, and we stood by the blazing campfire. We soon then told stories to eachother, and ate marshmellows. Soon we went into our tents and slept. ''Ah, it's morning.. Wow, she forgot to wake us up..'' I thought but then I heard something outside, ''Oh no, no it can't be.. The gas is out! How are we going to drive back?'' I heard by my mom, and then started worrying.. This was bad, but if we had some type of signal we might be able to call an taxi! So then I came out of the tent, and flipped out my phone. ''What are you doing dear?'' She asked, ''Im trying to signal my phone somehow to call an taxi!'' I answered. ''Genius dear!'' I then got a little signal, but then it stopped working... My phone was out of batteries.. ''My phone is it out of batteries, mum!'' I said, ''Well how are we going to get out of here then?'' She asked, also for some reason she didn't bother getting her phone, so then she can call an emergency, if there were troubles of course. ''Mom! Did you actually forget to bring your phone?'' I asked and she nodded nervously.. Then there was one choice just to wait until an car comes by and picks us up. I did have my charger but it does take a while for my phone to charge.

This was bad either way, no phone, no cars and no signal! ''Wait I got an idea dear! How about we write an SOS sign?'' She said, ''Are you crazy!?'' I said. ''Well it could work! I saw it in titanic!'' She answered, ''Mum.. Did you even watch the real version of titanic?'' I asked, ''Well who cares, let just do it!'' Then for some reason we wrote a SOS sign on the ground.. ''There's no way this would work..'' After I said that for some reason I heard helicopter noises. ''Look a helicopter!'' Shouted my mum. I was really suprised.. ''We're saved!'' But after she said that, the helicopter just left. ''Uh.. Is this what helicopters are supposed to do son?'' Asked my mother, ''Im pretty sure not mum.. Well it's time to walk to the nearest gas station and get the gas I guess.'' I answered, and then we both walked to the nearest gas station, but we forgot about my poor sister still left out there in the campsite.

I made it home, but that was one of the craziest road trips I ever had.. ''You could say it was an road trap! Hah! My jokes are terrible...''

The end.
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