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How I am managing my group.
As I got into Facebook groups I realized that I could make money using Facebook groups, myself. That’s what all my group leaders were doing. They grew their group and sold their products and services-in all the groups I have been in it has been services-to their group members. My group leaders stressed, over and over, that to do this they cultivated their group members to the point that the members knew, liked and trusted them. I tried their techniques over three groups with little engagement and little result. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

When I decided to coach business people who are going through transitions, I did decide to begin another group. I realized, though, that I would have to change my approach. My usual efforts inside the group might not be enough. So, I sat down and came up with a strategy.

I created the group “Transition To Success”, and messaged some of my group leaders and asked them to join the group. I thought that group leaders would know the value of engagement in a Facebook group, especially a new one.

Here, I think it is important to point out that “Transition To Success” is only about two weeks old. I have started the group late in the year when most group leaders are cluing up their year and planning for the programs for next year. I have probably chosen an awkward time to start the group.

This is probably why I am getting little success in the group, so far. But, I still have a plan. I decided that I could create the know, like, trust factor in the groups I am a member of.

I respond to birthday and anniversary posts. I have made specific memes to post in response to these posts. I try to weigh in when someone has a question or there is a survey. I have made a few connections this way. I am visible in my groups. Hopefully this will put more emphasis on me and my group.

When I meet someone I think I can help, I send them a Friend Request on Facebook and continue cultivating the relationship on my own personal profile.

I am still looking for ways outside of my Facebook groups to promote my group.

It is a very hopeful time for me and “Transition To Success”.
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